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The wildly disrespectful lyrics on a track like Who I Smoke, which includes disses about deceased rivals, is bringing unprecedented national attention to the city this year. Sometimes theyll tell that someones been murdered. The song was created last year, but its BLOWING UP on Tiktok this week. He performed under the name 320Popout. One of Robinson's attorneys, Christopher DeCoste, has said his client is innocent. He has been in a Duval County jail since September 2020, after police arrested Robinson in the shooting of McCormick. The shooting was videotaped, and the Jacksonville rapper shared video of the shooting to his fans. Another video, also posted after McCormick's death, showed Hakeem Robinson getting a pedicure as a caption read "Kill a n----- then go get my toes done.". They are focused solely on this issue, Waters said. >>> STREAM ACTION NEWS JAX. ft. 5515 Long St, Jacksonville, FL 32208 $159,000 MLS# 1208683 Looking for more privacy or worried about rates? It will probably happen sooner than later. "The tragic. We send our sincerest condolences to Holmess loved ones during this difficult time. Yungeen Ace was the target in a retaliatory shooting for Brown's death in June 2018 when he and three other teens went to a Town Center restaurant to celebrate the rapper's brother's birthday. Rod K death article (damn both of them died at hilltop) news4jax. Nardo Wick Now, one of the hottest rappers in the rap game, Nardo Wick's release of one of the top rap albums of 2021, Who is Nardo Wick?, helped him to make the rounds, topped the charts, and conquered almost all the headlines. It has taken off like a rocket with 14 million views in that timespan. Jacksonville rapper Spinabenz faces trial delay on firearms charges Share Watch on The rapper will likely spend the extra weeks behind bars since his bond was revoked for allegedly removing his ankle monitor. His mother, Shawnentina Benton, said she doesnt know who the rappers are or why they would be talking about her sons death. A sixth suspect sought in the early 2020 shooting death of 23-year-old Charles Quentin McCormick in a Jacksonville shopping center has been tracked down to Atlanta, according to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office. MTO News learned that a popular Jacksonville rapper appears to have shot one of his opps multiple times and the rapper snitched on himself by posting a video of the shooting onto Instagram Live. Despite the fact that "Who I Smoke" will probably be used in court at some point, the song has all the trimmings of a . JSO said it believes having several of ATKs members in jail is helping. Thanks to the rise of local street rappers, essential songs like Who U Tellin, Buckin Da Jack, and Got Fye helped inspire a new direction for the city that we still hear today. He kept dissin on me, now hes smoking twenty-three, Julio Foolio sings in the chorus. He posted a photo of the T-shirt on his Instagram page saying, "I'm getting a new T-shirt made for my show.". Im not letting go and JSO is not letting go and justice will be served, Benton said. There were 141 murders in 2020. Family members of ATK rapper Ksoo, whose name really is Hakeem Robinson, were injured in the shooting, including his father, Adbul Robinson, who was shot in the back. Marshals Service said Robinson Jr. is Hakeem Robinson's brother, and a member of theATK, or Aces Top Killers gang. He was just a baby, she said. All he did was laugh and dance," Gainer's mother, Elizabeth Gainer, told News4Jax. Media Take Out confirmed that yesterday Florida Rapper 320Popout Shot & Killed In Jacksonville. It could be drugs, it could be something as simple as me making a rap song about you and you dont like it. When officers reportedly arrived at the scene, they found (victim) Holmes shot in or near his vehicle. Fulton County Sheriff's Office records show he was arrested Friday in the Atlanta area on a warrant for fugitive from justice on a murder charge, awaiting extradition back to Jacksonville. Florida is one of the biggest States in hip hop the State has produced several influential figures like Rick Ross, Trina, Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke, Kodak Black, and many more. According to reports, a 25-year-old Scott La Rock was shot in the neck and head as he attempted to break up an argument near. Holmes was a rapper in Jacksonville who performed under the name 320Popout. they found a man shot in or near his SUV. News4Jax previously reported incorrectly that Hakeem Robinson was charged in connection the Rothermel murder. Just over a month after Addison's death,16-year-old Adrian Dennard Gainer Jr., a rapper known as Bibby, was shot deadin the Hilltop Village Apartments. Its been hell, its patience and its a wait. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Click here to take a moment and familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines. He told investigators he was with Robinson and Whitaker when they tracked down McCormick. I forgive them, Jackson said. Robinson later posted a video to his story which showed him at a nail salon getting a pedicure with the caption Kill a n**** than go get my toes done.. Tupac Shakur proclaimed that he wanted his "homies" to smoke his cremated ashes after he died. Take a look at this list of rappers from Florida and vote for your favorite Florida rappers representing Orlando, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and more. The artists themselves play a big part in beefs being publicized, and most of them acknowledge that to be true, but as someone born and raised in Jacksonville, its been troublesome to see people who are not affiliated with these beefs make jokes (and content) out of a serious situation that doesnt involve them. The rappers in Jacksonville are taking violence, hip hop and videos to the extreme. The music videos give details about horrific crimes, and the heartbroken mothers who are still waiting for arrests, or trials, for their sons murders say the lyrics have gone too far. Yungeen Ace, whose legal name is Kenyatta Bullard, is affiliated with ATK and is one of the biggest Jacksonville rappers on the scene right now. Weve seen some viral remixes pop off in the last few years, including Camrons interpolation of the track. Three days after Whitaker was arrested, Arlisa Tarver, a JSO employee, was arrested for alerting gang members of pending arrest warrants. He's accused of killing two people in separate Jacksonville shootings; the Feb. 25, 2019 killing of Adrian Gainer Jr., aka Bibby, and the Jan. 15, 2020 killing of Charles McCormick, aka Lilbuck. Meanwhile, Ksoo has pleaded not guilty to the charges. In January 2019, JSO arrested several men, solely for what they were doing on social media. ), Julio Foolio whose legal name is Charles Jones, according to his Spotify profile says in Beatbox Remix/Bibby Flow.. First Coast News spoke with the victim's cousin, Roderick Holmes, who tells us the victim was 21-year-old Joshua Holmes. And its worth noting that not all of the rappers, including Yungeen Ace and Julio Foolio, are even suspected of crimes. He said Ksoos issues with McCormick started after the decedent talked [disparagingly] about [rapper] Willie Addison. A handgun was later found in the car that had fingerprints on it which belonged to Robinson, according to JSO. What we're seeing in Jacksonville with this disturbing ATK, KTA beef is the flipping of Tupac's twisted narrative of literally smoking your homies. A Jacksonville, Florida, grand jury indicted Hakeem Robinson, a rapperwho performs as Ksoo, in the deaths of two men. He is also charged with second-degree murder in the 2020 shooting death of Charles McCormick, also known as rapper Lil Buck. It's often a difficult, nearly impossible, task to put context or assign motives to stories about murder, but a disturbing trend in Jacksonville is making that easy. Digital reporter who has lived in Jacksonville for more than 25 years and focuses on important local issues like education and the environment. So I spoke with some of the most promising and important rappers coming from Jacksonville about the past and future of the citys rap scene, as well as their own personal success. In 2019, there were 131 murders in the city, and in 2020 that number shot up to 176. In October 2021, News4Jax reported that Robinson was among several Jacksonville rappers whose lyrics referenced real murders. In 2021, a new Jacksonville rap song seems to be going viral every other week, with tracks like Who I Smoke, When I See You, and BeatBox, racking up tens of millions of plays. Jacksonville Rapper Foolio Names 30 Of His Opps That Are Dead After Kodak Black Called Him Out. A year later, his remains were found in a wooded area. Shots were fired into that home nearly missing a couple and a 1-year-old child. DIY 'Green Monster' runner set to run in final Gate River Run, Missing 2.5-year-old drowned in pond, Jacksonville police say. "He was [a] joy. C urtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent is known as an American rapper, producer, actor, and entrepeneur who has met wils success throughout his career. On one hand, a lot of these young artists are now in better situations to feed their families. The rappers in Jacksonville are taking violence, hip hop and videos to the extreme. Respect: Tekashi 6ix9ine Visits A 5-Year-Old Fan Who Has Terminal Brain Cancer! A second-degree murder count was later added. Brown, was Julio Foolio's cousin. According to Barner, the reason Robinson wanted to kill McCormick was because he made a song which talked [disparagingly] about Willie Addison.. The Violence Reduction Section within JSO is actively working to proactively disrupt these feuds. The KTA music video lyrics also mention Corbin Johnson. News4Jax Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson said social media accounts and rap videos are often monitored by investigators because they will give coded clues about feuds between rival gangs. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. The music and beats heard in the music videos are catchy, and millions of people have heard the songs on YouTube and other streaming services. Waters said police cannot make arrests on the lyrics in the music videos alone. KTA rapper Lilbuck was murdered shortly afterward. Nipsey had been well-known on the underground circuit, and he was gaining a mainstream following just before his death. McCormick was gunned downabout 11 a.m. on Jan. 15, 2020,witnessed by an off-duty officerwho said the gunman stood over the victim and shot him with a rifle before getting into a Nissan Altima, the warrant said. Yungeen Ace, whose real name is Kenyata Bullard, pleaded no contest in an Orange Park robbery that occurred seven months before Brown's murder. "You'll get hella high," he said. And to be fair, there havent been many successful rappers to emerge from the city over the years, minus a few exceptions. According to News4Jax records, 131 murders were reported in 2019. The father of Jacksonville rapper Ksoo will testify against his son in the 23-year-old's upcoming first-degree murder trial. On the other, the national attention is putting a bigger spotlight on local street beefs, which has only amplified tensions. These rivalries have sparked beefs that turned deadly, most notable, in the 1990's - East Coast vs. West Coast - which resulted in the murders of arguably the two best in the industry, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. Most of those impacts are positive," Williams said during a news conference Jan. 30, 2019 where he, the mayor and State's Attorney announced the arrests of six convicted felons who were seen with firearms in rap videos. He allegedly killed Adrian "Bibby" Gainer in February 2019 and Charles "Lil Buck" McCormick in January 2020. Ksoo, whos helped popularize the murder rap genre, is believed to be a member. If you're not a fan of hip hop music, you're probably unaware of the level of talented musicians coming out of Jacksonville right now. An 18-year-old aspiring rapper was shot Monday evening in the 2900 block of North Main Street then died after he and another victim made it to a hospital, according to the Jacksonville. 5.6k. T.I. This stunning home is on a dead end stree. Keyanta Bullard also known as rapper Yungeen. The arrest warrant said Gainer and another man werein a gazebo at the complex at 1646 W. 45th St. at about 3 p.m. Surveillance video spotted a gray or silver Nissan Altima drive into the complex. For Sale: 3 beds, 1 bath 1254 sq. All rights reserved. By. You never know what God has planned, ya know? Jones said. The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office said it could not comment on Tarvers case, citing an ongoing investigation. It's being used as a joke here where the rivals are saying who they're "smoking" to denote whose been killed. Even though the words in the music videos may give details about the murders, JSO Chief T.K. The burgeoning Rap scene continues to make way for new artists, including newcomer 21-year-old Joshua Holmes. Hakeem Armani Robinson, a Jacksonville rapper who goes by the name Ksoo, was arrested and charged with the murder of two men. So one of your friends, one of your associates says were going to get back and were going to do something, and theyll start a shooting war, Waters said. The entire music video, directed by TeoShotThis, takes place on a golf course as Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Yungeen Ace, and FastMoney Goon look seriously out of place in preppy clothing, smoking cigars and hurling threats at their opps. Further investigation revealed photos of guns on Hakeem Robinson's Instagram account, plus a music video by McCormick with the caption "Byeeee byeeee" and emojis of waving hands, the warrant said. Digital reporter who has lived in Jacksonville for more than 25 years and focuses on important local issues like education and the environment. Johnsons mother, Melissa Jackson, reported him missing in 2018. Top 15 Jacksonville Rappers 1. Over the past several years a number of gangs have been dismantled through these efforts, and the information was shared with the media. Just days later, Medina Ulloa savagely murdered the kind good Samaritan. A popular Jacksonville rapper posted on Instagram Wednesday, mourning the loss of three young men killed in a drive-by shooting Tuesday night. More:Jacksonville police say suspected gang members arrested with loaded and stolen guns, More:4 arrested in Monday triple homicide at Jacksonville complex; 1 suspect only 14. A suspect was seen on dash-camera footage fleeing from McCormick's death and DeCoste insists this person cannot be Robinson because the person is too small. A witness said he saw Gainer fall to the ground as he was shot, trying to protect himself, the warrant said. Robinson Sr. is charged as accessory after the fact to first-degree murder along with three others. In the video which was posted on IG Live the Jacksonville rapper appeared to post surveillance footage which shows him pulling a large caliber firearm, and chasing after one of his opps. You Decide 2023 - The Race For Jacksonville Mayor - Audrey Gibson Spotlight. Police also charged 23-year-old Janera Jaranee Smith with accessory after the fact, jail records show. He was 18. One of the six defendants in McCormicks murder, Dominique Barner, also agreed to cooperate with investigators. Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio sits in front of a banner with the photos of three teens in his latest video "When I See You." The sons of Gainer and Jackson were both murdered, and their names are mentioned in the songs that have been heard by millions. JSO Chief of Investigations T.K. 21-year-old Joshua Holmes was shot and killed at the Shore House Apartments in Arlington. Who I smoke, Teke. This isnt the only murder Robinson is accused of. The music videos that feature lyrics about murders of young men in Jacksonville have propelled the rappers to national fame, but behind the videos are families that are forced to relive the pain. An eye-witness tells First Coast News, she heard a man banging on apartments and calling for help around the time of the shooting. We do have a group in the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office that spends all their time dealing with this issue. Dominique Barner, who has connections to ATK, and two others were charged with murder in connection with Rothermels death. Specializes in Clay County issues, general assignment reporting and stories off the beaten path and anchors weekend evening newscasts. Following the mass shooting, Julio Foolio made several posts on social media glorifying the killings. The star of KTA is rapper Julio Foolio. Investigators found 45 shell casings at thecrime scene. Media Take Out confirmed that yesterday Florida Rapper 320Popout Shot & Killed In Jacksonville. He was in the car with family members who were also injured. Marvin Hartley "Ramboe Slice" Jacksonville Fl, Rapper From Mixon TownTOP 18- Jacksonville Fl, Rappers Who Were Killed (P. Shot and killed Damo Glo 6/15/2022 23 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. The group KTA, whose most popular member Julio Foolio has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, also isnt shy about naming murder victims in music videos. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube describing what both acronyms mean with some slight variations. A Jacksonville neighborhood turned into the set of a music video on Monday when superstar rapper Lil Baby and Jacksonville rapper Nardo Wick took over a corner store in Arlington. They might implicate a person, Jefferson said. Bullard survived despite being shot eight times and has gone on to find increasing fame with over 2 million followers on Instagram and has released songs with Robinson. There's something really sick happening in Jacksonville and it's hard to unsee. Its like somebody taking a healed wound and opening it back up and stabbing at it over and over again, Elizabeth Gainer said. Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved. Poppy was loved. The song was created by Florida Rappers Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Yungeen Ace, & FastMoney Goon. These vloggers, and social media posts from Yungeen Ace and Julio Foolio, concede that this beef went from bad to deadly with the May 2017 killing of 19-year-old Zion Brown on Jacksonville's Westside after a man stormed a home there and shot him to death. Published. After the death of Rothermel, Barner, Derek Hudson, Christopher Brown and Janera Smith were all eventually charged in connection with the murder. This came just a few weekends after Jacksonville made national news when someone projected a message onto the stadium during the Georgia-Florida game, supporting the rapper formerly known as Kanye . MTO News has learned that its one of the top songs on the Chinese streaming platform. Police said Addison and others left the club and were onEmerson Street whenthe shooting took place near Spring Park Road. But Who I Smoke is probably the best, and by far the most disrespectful. "In no way do we discount the pain caused to those that loved the man that was murdered. For a long time, I hesitated to write an article like this, because I was always taught to stay out of other peoples business, and I would never want to write anything that would instigate problems between anybody. Even for those who have found success, though, it has always felt like there was a glass ceiling on rappers trying to emerge from Jacksonville. In Who I Smoke, a music video with rappers believed to represent ATK, lyrics reference at least three people that were killed in Jacksonville shootings in recent years. So is there an end in sight for the ongoing beef between ATK and KTA? The rapper captioned the video saying that the opps was lucky I aint get the head shot.. A week after the arrest of Hakeem Robinson, a Jacksonville rapper known as Ksoo, in connection with the shooting death of a 23-year-old man in Arlington, a warrant for his arrest suggests a feud over a rap song may have led to the murder. Hakeem Robinson better known as Jacksonville rapper Ksoo is charged with first-degree murder, while his brother Abdul Robinson Jr. is charged with second-degree murder. Hakeem Robinson, aka Ksoo, was indicted by a grand jury March 24 of first-degree murder. The man accused in the shooting death of a 13-year-old Jacksonville boy has been identified as Marcel Johnson, 22. Copyright 2023 PopCulture.com. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has charged a 15-year-old with possession of a firearm by an adjudicated delinquent and tampering with evidence. Smoke Durk and Bibby to the face though, Ksoo says in his music video for Ksoo B***h.. Bibby is Adrian Gainer, a 16-year-old friend of rapper Julio Foolio who was shot and killed in the Hilltop Village Apartments in 2019. According to the Jacksonville Beach police, the incident happened outside The Pier Restaurant at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Hakeem Robinson was also chargedon March10 with second-degree murder in that case, court records show. Addison,a rapper known asBoss Goon, was shoton Jan. 16, 2019, after he performed at a late-night rap music event at the Paradise Gentlemens Club at 8669 Baymeadows Road. Robinson allegedly killed the two men in separate gang-related shootings, police said. Unforgiveness for me is like me taking poison and expecting someone else to die. Some suspectsalso face murder charges in theFeb. 25,2019, shooting death of16-year-old rapper Adrian Gainer, aka Bibby, in the Hilltop Village Apartments,court records said. Barner told police that when McCormick came out of the business, Robinson jumped out of the rear passenger seat, chased McCormick down and shot him with an AR pistol, the warrant states. The song was created by Florida Rappers Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Yungeen Ace, & FastMoney Goon. But MTO News has learned that in the lyrics to the song, the rappers - all from Jacksonville - confess to allegedly killing at least three people. Before Ksoos arrest, he made videos with Yungeen Ace (whos allegedly also affiliated with ATK). "N never play with Ksoo. Gang violence in Jacksonville often includes small-time rappers. In the past two weeks, six people have been arrested and linked to both killings. Were not even half way through the year 2022, and weve already lost 75 rappers from across the country. The three were killed after leaving a Town Center restaurant where they were celebrating Bullard's birthday. Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But rap music videos by local artists depicting real murders in Jacksonville are fueling fire in the community. The teens, Tre'von Bullard, Royale D'Von Smith Jr., and Jercoby Da'Shad Groover were killed in a June 2018 mass shooting. He's currently in Duval County jail on no bond. August 11, 2022. (Wheres Corbin? In a recent interview, Jones was asked if he and Bullard could ever move past their feud. Avril Lavigne and Tyga Continue to Fuel Dating Rumors in Wake of Mod Sun Breakup, Shania Twain Reveals If Ex Robert 'Mutt' Lange Is Still With Former Friend Marie Anne After Affair, Former Letlive Guitarist Jeff Sahyoun Gets Candid About Carving New 'Path in Music' With Electronic-Rock Project Erase Theory (Exclusive), Watch: Demi Lovato Fights Off Raging Ghostface in 'Scream 6' Music Video for 'Still Alive', Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Delight With Surprise Performance. Investigators had found a rifleleft in the Nissanalong with a handgun when they searched the car, the warrant said. (Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved. Police have not released any suspect information or a motive for the shooting. Robinson was indicted for first-degree murder on March 24, reports First Coast News. Corbin got kidnapped, got his a** found, Julio Foolio says in a song. Court records show Robinson Sr. has agreed to testify as a witness for the state in the McCormick case. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. A 61-year-old man died after his car was pushed off the Buckman Bridge after a collision Tuesday, a report from the Florida Highway Patrol says. While many of these shootings were playing out on social media and in the streets, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Gang Task Force used rap videos to make arrests. While Fantasia's "When I See U" is her singing about her nervous feelings when she sees the guy she's swooning over, Julio Foolio's "When I See You" is him rapping about someone he hates, Yungeen Ace, and what he'd like to do to him when he sees him. Yungeen Ace escaped death again in March 2019 after another attempt on his life in Waycross, Ga. A 30-year-old man was killed in that shooting and three men were arrested. 10 Flo Rida Robison's song "Ksoo B" also mentions Gainer. Hakeem Robinson better known as Jacksonville rapper Ksoo is charged with first-degree murder, while his brother Abdul Robinson Jr. is charged with second-degree murder. Officers performed CPR until the victim could be taken to the hospital. Dozens of YouTube channels are chronicling the origins of this beef, most notably are QuietRoom, hosted by Queenzflip who documents and facilitates rap battles, TrapLife Documentaries, which documents criminal activities in the rap scene, and Insider Hotspot, which covers "lifestyles, struggles and secrets" of rappers, according to its YouTube channel. Family identifies man shot to death at Arlington apartment complex as Jacksonville rapper Family members tell First Coast News that Joshua Holmes, 21, was shot and killed at the Shore House. The man now accused of killing Adrian Gainer is Hakeem Robinson, known as rapper Ksoo, who is also affiliated with ATK. Not every Jacksonville artist makes drill music, nor do they all have public beef, but thats whats getting most of the attention from new fans tuning into the citys rap scene right now. Then on June 24the U.S. It started Jan. 16, 2019, when rapper Willie Addison, known as Boss Goon, was killed and five others were wounded in Spring Park. Two of the men ran intoa house where the homeowner tried to flee. straight_og_josh 2 yr. ago. On Thursday, JSO issued an emailed statement to News4Jax about the violence. - Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams. Its not a funny thing that somebody is dead. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested Ksoo in March charging him with killing Bibby and Lilbuck. Complications related to diabetes Lor Scoota 6/25/2016 23 . Arrested in that shooting was 19-year-old Deontrae Thomas. Family members tell First Coast News that Joshua Holmes, 21, was shot and killed at the Shore House Apartments on Monday night. Melissa Jackson, Shawnentina Benton and Elizabeth Gainer have all lost sons to gun violence in Jacksonville. Yuriy Andriyashchuk. For assistance with WJXTs or WCWJ's FCC public inspection file, call (904) 393-9801. More retaliatory bloodshed followed in January 2019 with the shooting death of Charles Quentin McCormick Jr., a KTA rapper who went by the name of Lilbuck. First Coast News reports Abdul Robinson Sr., 51, has agreed to. The star of ATK is rapper Yungeen Ace. Artists like Foolio point out how fans involve themselves in conflicts and magnify violent situations. Video. To fully understand whats happening right now, you need to go back to the beginning. Community leaders and family members held a vigil for Gainer in that same gazebo days later. He's also a rapper who goes by the moniker "Spazzsobrokee." Prince Holland's. Bullard was the only survivor of an ambush on Town Center Parkway in 2018 that left three others dead, including his brother. The cover included an image of Zion Brown, who was shot and killed in a 2017 triple shooting. Not to be outdone by ATK, Julio Foolio released a diss track of his own Friday called "When I See You," a remix of recording artist Fantasia's hit single "When I See U." AndHakeem Robinson posted several photographs and videos "bragging about the murder of 'Bibby,'" the warrant said. He allegedly shot Gainer at an apartment complex, police said. Florida Theatre Jacksonville will be where you can see Bad Friends Podcast: Andrew Santino & Bobby Lee. "Went out to eat on his birthday - four shot, three dead in the worse way - he kept dissin' on me - no he's smokin' 23 ". Would you want your mom to feel the way other moms feel? Melissa Jackson said. Robinson Sr. is facing three felony charges that could amount to 90 years in prison, although his cooperation with prosecutors may reduce that. Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. Its not funny. He even tagged the victim. The authenticity of the music reels fans in, but many ignore the uncomfortable reality that some of the songs are about real dead Black people. While they wait for justice, the music videos coming mostly from two rival rap groups in Jacksonville have gained popularity across the country with songs glorifying their sons murders. This nigga name is literally "stop dissing the dead" but here he comes in my messages dissing dead people from Jacksonville and ny when he never knew them comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment The identification of the victim was confirmed by the outlet after they spoke with Roderick Holmes, the rappers cousin. - March 31, 2022 03:26 am EDT. Its not clear at this point if Tarvers arrest is linked to these specific cases. According to Barner, who was recorded by a confidential informant in jail, the reason Hakeem Robinson allegedly wanted to kill McCormick was because he made a song that talked [disparagingly] about Willie Addison.. dscanlan@jacksonville.com,(904) 359-4549. The gun appeared to jam and the rapper wasnt able to land the kill shot.

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