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glamrock freddy x montgomery gator fanfiction

Now you have to protect yourself from the humans, while protecting your heart at the same time. Monty is an insecure Gator with a harsh past with his family and friends contemplating on his life. Y/N is in an alternate dimension. "Just my mom.. And who knows? Glamrock Freddy x Montgomery Gator by Lancelot 32.7K 551 14 Freddy has Always been mad at Monty ever since He replaced Bonnie, Monty is trying everything to make Freddy Happy and Proud for him, but Freddy's hatred towards him jus. You are doing this for the money and of course your friend who got you the job. If you read this, there may be some things that you dont understand.**. You have to remind yourself that a lot of the times while you work. No one's an actual animatronic in this story, just weird walking talking animals and other things. When the nighttime mechanic quits abruptly, the manager of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex turns to worker Olive, a security guard who is renowned for being a hard worker that will take any job thrown at her. Will be happy there or continue to find your way out and back into the real world. I made one, help- but uhh- the name says it all. Your Best friend, Xenia, was there through it all finally persuaded you to come back, offering her own home until you could get settled. #monteddy2k23week. angst These two males ask Amy, who i "The fuck? You can ask them anything and itll be replayed too in this fic, every answer will be cannon to the fic so be sure to read it if you havent! You're used to this! (Fnaf 1-Security Breach: Currently on 6.). Fanfiction Horror Humor Glamrock Chica Glamrock Freddy Roxanne Wolf Montgomery Gator Fnaf gregory . Michael was sitting on the floor leaning his back against the wall as the flames grew closer, he closed his eyes and felt oddly at peace. You are a female mechanic with technician skills who also is good with therapy. It's 2060 they live in a Ruined World where Antromorphic animals exist "Don't worry Gregory, I'm sure your parents will be here shortly to take you home.." the bear said, smiling. With danger at every corner you have to remain vigilant. Gregory and Glamrock Freddy decide to stay at the Pizzaplex and look for clues; however Gregory decides to head back to the Daycare to amend his mistake with the Daycare Attendant Sun/Moon. I know people have already done these but I wanted to make some to. The months, days and hours ticked by, growing closer to your arrival. This my first story I might mix some of f the words up, But I will try my best to make it good for y'all, This is going to be Monty x freddy so if you don't like the shi Credit to frechiiie on Tiktok for the cover art! You've been an associate at the pizza plex for about that year and have been talking with managment and your human and robot coworkers alike about getting into that program. But be warned, the journey isnt always easy and the choices arent always black and white. Sure the performers are getting a little more aggressive than usual, the security setup is completely inefficient, and the night guard is a little odd, but for the most part, your job at the Fazbear Entertainment Pizzaplex is a breeze, tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (225), A Court of Thorns and Roses Series - Sarah J. Maas (1), | Tokyo Afterschool Summoners | Housamo (1), Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's) (453), Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's) (325), Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) (294), Glamrock Chica (Five Nights at Freddy's) (281), Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's) (103), Glamrock Animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy's) (96), Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (493), Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (188), Glamrock Chica (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (104), Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (77), Moon/Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (74), Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (49), Glamrock Chica/Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) (47), Moon (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (46), Daycare Attendant (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (44), Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader (43), Sentient Animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy's) (58), Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Glamrock Chica/Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Soft Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Freddy Misses Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddys) - Relationship, Montgomery Gator/Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator/Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator/Moon (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator/Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator & Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator/Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator & Glamrock Chica (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy's), Original Five Nights at Freddy's Character(s), Beta Read We Live Like William Afton for the 5 millionth time, Daycare Attendant (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Glamrock Chica (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Montgomery Gator/Glamrock Chica/Glamrock Freddy/Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's)/reader, Daycare Attendant (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Foxy (Original Five Nights at Freddy's Character), just a bunch of bot falling for one person, A lot more characters than just who is in the tags, No beta reader we die like the bite of 87, Stories that are have stuff too do with the readers, Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's) & Reader, Montgomery Gator Did Not Decommission Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Original Character(s), reader has top surgery but not bottom surgery, sorry i genuinely dont know how to work around it, Sentient Animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator Has Anger Issues (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Moon/Sun (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Roxanne Wolf (Five Nights at Freddy's) & Reader, Vanessa A. Monty's in a bad mood and Freddy has an idea on helping him destress. Not much has ch Pat tells Steve and the rest of the animatronics that he has to go home to his parents and he probably won't come back. : your just a normal teenager working at a mega pizzaplex, you've seen some weird things and had your suspicions but decided to ignore them, until one night your life would change forever I AM A SUPERSTAR! The food, the entertainment, it was all so fun! You don't know his intentions or what he wants so you dodge him for a very long time, but you start to realize he's not a bad person and he would never do anything to hurt you. Monty Smut: chapter 9, 13, 14, 17 (Hey I'm not judging we all honry bastards), This is a whole fic of Ask the characters from one of my fics, Just trying to survive. They're gonna be female readers unless requested otherwise, enjoy <3. Montgomery Gator was your response. But one day their family stoppe yup, I finally broke down and did it. Info: Y/N your name L/N last name. The Sun and Moon daycare attendants are the captain of a pirate ship. A Montgomery Gator x reader story I need to make Gregory so it can be Papa Bear and Papa Gator lol It's a funny thing when history repeats itself again. Roxanne Wolf is one of the Glamrock Animatronics who appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as an antagonist. It's Valentine's Day and Freddy gets Monty a gift. When Y/n first started working at the Pizza Plex, they had no idea they would leave the burning Pizzeria with a new brother and two boyfriends. Will Sun/Moon be able to forgive him for what he had done to them? November 26th, 2021, the start of the holiday rush for the Mega Pizza Plex. Leave requests if you want <3. recuerdos que no se volvern asentir igual, que jamas volvernpero que a pesar del paso de los aos aun sigues reconociendo, las enrgeticas risas de tus compaeros, las horas de emocin interminables que te hacian querer regresar a ese lugar todos los fines de semana, aquellos momentos felices, cuando aun eras tu, cuando todavia tenias el privilegio de bailar bajo el sol, cuando aun la calidez de tu corazon no desaparecia y cuando tu sonrisa aun no se desvanecia, aquellos recuerdos borrosos de cumpleaos, cuando aun podias verlos a ellos, tardes enteras viendolos actuar, eran absolutamente increibles verlos en aquellos grandes e imponentes escenarios, como se movian al comps de su musica rebosantes de energa y felicidad,ver como te sonrean y guiaban el ojo cuando te vean, eras especial, los conocias mas a profundidad que cualquier otro nio, la forma en que despus de un show te escabullias a rockstar row, solo para que te recibieran con sonrisas, abrazos y palabras de afecto aun recuerdas esos dias, aun recuerdas esos momentos de verano. Michael Afton has tried and tried again to put a stop to his father but in the end the man would never stay fully dead. *I DO NOT OWN THE BOOK COV A sequel to "Biggest Fan" But now she has the chance to get away and be free for once only to get back the memories she lost and find out she is more than just a hybrid. Game was made by Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Studios. Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex!A place of fun, and where fantasy comes to life. "Defying an order that goes against his programming results in Monty being scheduled for decommission. Things just start getting a little weird after a cave in under Roxy Raceway. Even if she isn't exactly qualified for it. A lot of the thumbnails included multiple different FNAF, Genshin Impact, Undertale and MHA/BNHA fanworks, and after talking with Suitor LP himself . And along the way a familiar face shows up. B. bonniexfreddy freddyxmontyxbonniexfoxy fnafship +21 more # 9 Just a reassurance, there will be a happy ending. With the cover up of Bonnie's recent injury, everyone bought the lie, hook, line, and sinker. DJ has to deal with two gay idiots with a grudge against the idea of fate. the restaurant doesn't pay good but it's what keep him living You can't just stay at the Pizza Plexright? When your goofball co-workers inform you of your new duties you dont expect to run into your favorite Glamrock! FIRST CHARACTER DONE IS MONTY They appreciate this, and a certain bear grows closer to you as time goes on. But rising to the challenge of this new. Basically a bunch of Fazcule (Freddy/Bonnie/Monty) oneshots but they are humans and Gregory is their son because I say so, I'll add a few stories here and there but there are no assigned dates for any of these. And you start to acquire a rather large target on your back, you begin to feel like the very building itself is out to get you. Moon knew Sun was missing from their code, Moon knew they shouldn't be thinking of him. They all already had games and attractions based on them, so who could the last one be based on?". Michael knew that even if there was no chance of winning it was far too late now to throw in the towel. Now your animatronic friends are acting a bit off. MALFUNCTION. When the time had come, Michael thought he finally did it. Cute moments with Freddy and Monty. if u have a request, put in in the comments and theres like a 99.99% chance ill turn it into a story. It reeks bad vibes. Please consider turning it on! On through the nightYou can't stop me now!". While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But his life was about to change, for the better DJ wouldn't know. You'll eventually find yourself in a relationship between the main bear himself and the angry gator. | Ness & Vanny | Reluctant Follower | Beta-Tester, DJ Music Man (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, I've never played this game I just like the characters, Glamrock Freddy Adopts Gregory (Five Nights at Freddy's), Protective Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator Decommissioned Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Worried Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Yandere Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's), Possessive Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's), Montgomery Gator/Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Vanessa A. Well not living, but there's definitely something down there. Completed freddy freddyxmonty fanfic +8 more # 3 secret lover~ ( 18+ story ) by it's a llama 9.3K 64 4 But the pay is phenomenal, your coworkers are mostly great, and you even got a free show for your baby niece for her birthday a few weeks ago. Please consider turning it on! How will you adjust to your new life inside of Freddy Fazbears Mega PizzaPlex? And will she take vengeance for the ones she lost? Waking in an odd place that clearly wasn't the burning building he was in just a moment ago. Everyone except the animatronics themselves. Yes, Chica is a stalker. Her fingers, muzzle, inner-ears and the front of her torso are silver as well. **If you have not read the first one, I recommend you go and read it. B (THIS IS TAKING PLACE IN A SEPARATE UNIVERSE FROM THE ACTUAL ONE IN THE GAME!!) A Normal Slice of Life teenage Story but Fnaf SB setting Not bad at all. The Karens are back again, and they're still waiting for a manager. There's always a need for a good caretaker.And now there's an opening. Once she remembers what happened and why, what will she do? Con: someone doesn't like that. Somewhere under the sea and beyond you imagination is an adventure in fantasy. What started off as a routinely harsh world would soon turn into something more meaningful as you one day go against your better judgement for a split second and find yourself hiding at the back of a well-known, high-end, technological company's vehicle finding a way to not only release an entrapped wooden sun-themed robot, but also something that would unknowingly change the course of everything in your life as time goes on. (Y/n) has sworn to herself that she won't ever fall in love, until she meets a certain gator. i do With Vanny and that nightmare hunk of metal out of the picture, Gregory and the rest of the gang face an entirely different entity. - One day Gregory found a old animatronic left in a old pizzeria that looked to be unfinished to rot and brought the animatronic to the pizzaplex to get it fixed and meet Warning The old title-thefamousflims oneshots (fnaf season 3) William Afton is finally gone from the plex, and the gang can all relax, right? You have no idea what to do, no idea how to help, and clearly no idea now broken they are.But you can't keep them safe forever. They can feel that everything is different, if the missing memory files are anything to go by. Their favorite animatronics are Roxy and Foxy. You knew Fazbear has some skeletons in the closet, but holy fuck you did not want to deal with supernatural bullshit at work. -The first ever Montgomery x reader story <3 She has silver, waist-length hair with green bangs, as well as a gray tail with a silver tail-tip. I'm not really sure. When Bonnie gets severely damaged and banned from performing for a few months, the plex mechanic just so happens to have the perfect replacement.Perfect smile.Perfect voice.Perfect face.Oh, Bonnie does not like this new guy at ALL. What would you do if your two long lo (Fnaf is owned by scott cowthon none of the art is owned by me inless i say so prior chapter characters dont belong to me inless there ocs!) These are some romantic and platonic headcanons for the FNaF SB characters, since a few people wanted the FNaF SB fanfic to be a romance. That and if you meet a certain time period The company will even pay for your tuition. Girl it's 2020 why hate?" Moon is a pirate captain with a loyal crew on a secret search to find someone from his past. ---------------------------- Labelled as stolen property from Fazbear Entertainment, you think there is something more to the story than what the animatronic alligator fugitive in your backseat is telling you. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. A YouTuber named Suitor LP and his thumbnail artist Tanabearchan (minors do not click this link it's an 18+ acc) have been using a lot of other people's art, traced, on the thumbnails of his videos. Or, Monty gets to be pretty and domestic and completely at Freddy's beck and call. contains (WARN Y/n and there two friends, Matt and Viv, have a terrible past at Freddy's, but when the "new" Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizza-Plex opens Matthew and Vivian insist o Just some short stories, hurt/comfort and fluff with the animatronics of the new Security Breach game. the Mega Pizzaplex introduces a new animatronic, and this one's a lot more violent than they'd like. Why is Freddy the only one who can sort of remember him? i will not do: Most specifically - mers. Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's) Serie 365 das Bienvenidos a este fanfic mini-serie donde seremos testigos de las extraas vivencias de Vanessa Masters, una joven que intenta ganarse la vida. *** Moving back to your hometown after years of being away, you wanted to reconnect with your roots. (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) Let's just say that everything changed since you work at the plex. Makes no sense whatsoever The narcissistic wolf and the pirate f You are a newly built Animatronic, A hyena at that. Enjoy having a lovely time with Monty as he fucks everyone(mostly Glamrock Freddy) . The guests of the Freddy Fazbe Ten-year-old twins Maisie and Ben were abandoned by their parents at the Pizzaplex. Completed securitybreach fnafsecuritybreach montgomerygator +8 more # 11 Five Nights at Freddy's: Security. Lets hope everything goes well and no one dies! Ongoing First published Dec 23, 2021 Glamrock Freddy hates Montgomery Gator because he was the cause of the disappearance and/or death of Bonnie. However, they have 2 new friends: the rock-hard, cool gator, Montgomery, and the lovely and beautiful Roxanne Wolf! Journey into your story as you witness the hardships and heartbreaks of reaching to see and to change what's written in the stars. these are one shots of the security breach animatronics. Letting darkness take hold of him. Freddy was with Gregory they was escaping from the pizza Plex the pizza place had to find a new replacement for Freddy so they place Freddy placement is a hippo Monty Ms Freddy has Always been mad at Monty ever since He replaced Bonnie, Monty is trying everything to make Freddy Happy and Proud for him, but Freddy's hatred towards him jus ( THIS IS AN AU OF MONTY AND FREDDY WHERE THEY ARE HUMAN, NOT ROBOTS ), Art credit to Noisx Just leave and act like you've never seen it. After the Bonnie incident, he feels as if he was responsible for Bonnie's disappearance.Of course, Freddy noticed this and he wants to give him some reassurance. - Female 20+ reader insert- Neurodivergent bean . cuz I don't know how normal brain works XD- Freddy and the gang are not robotic animatronics - they are hybrids )- The gang - aside from Sun,Moon & DJ MM - are Anthros in design. You wanted to start a new life on your own and you have. Similar to Toy Freddy, he has a top hat . -ST After getting hired to work at Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex, a very timid (y/n) discovers what it's really like behind the scenes. Not much has ch [ REQUESTS CLOSED

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