can i top up my revolut card at post office10 marca 2023
can i top up my revolut card at post office

As Revolut doesnt have any branches (remember, its a mobile bank), youll have to load your Revolut card using your existing bank account. All you need to do is find an available Cash Deposit location at a Participating Retailer near you within the Revolut app and present the Participating Retailer with your physical Revolut card as well as the amount of cash that you wish to deposit. Using VISA Debit card. To top up electricity or gas online you'll need to upgrade to a smart Pay As You Go meter. There is no option to increase the limit ony my banks side. for that purpose but I'm not sure if it's gonna work! I cannot top-up Revolut from my bank account. If you need foreign currency (Forex) for your travels, simply exchange currency in the app to lock in the best rate. Same 27 EUR limit? DKBs credit card works. With Revoluts paid plans, you can get insurance, buy cryptocurrency, invest in shares, transfer money abroad, get rewards and more. So if your mobile phone is lost, you wont be able to contact Revolut without installing the mobile app on another device. Yeah, you read that right! Revolut supports SEPA instant credit transfers as well. We may share this information with other organisations, such as Google, So I tried to unlink that Maestro card and tried to create a new link but the card is not accepted anymore. Open the Revolut app, Go to 'Cards' and tap the card you want to activate, Tap 'Activate card' and enter your Revolut card number, Congrats! The real game changer here, is this exchange rate. Hi After speaking to them They removed the block on my account . relevant ads. To be honest, we tried several other mobile bank cards including Starling, Monzo, N26 and Monese. Bonus Tip: For extra security, use the Revolut virtual card to safely pay for your travel adventures. Adding money to your Revolut account is super easy. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. What cards and currencies are supported? No charges when you spend abroad*. Apply for passports, licences and permits, get documents certified, your identity verified. 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Input your debit card or bank account information and tap Continue. Max daily cash withdrawal: 2,500 CNY Your cards are all linked to 1 account. On some days you may wait 5 minutes for a live agent, but on another day it can take up to an hour. That might be an easy and instant top up option for you? Nothing seems to work. How can I add money using my linked bank account? Simple answer is no. Top up, manage or freeze your card, transfer funds between currencies, view your PIN and more all in our free Travel app. Max daily cash withdrawal: 9,000 CZK We don't as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned (how likely they are to go bust), but there is a risk any company can struggle and it's rarely made public until it's too late (see the. I can not too with Google pay . When will the money reach my Revolut account? Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. You can add money to your Revolut account with a card in USD. To get started all you have to do is the following: Watch us add money in our #RevTips video below: Manage your everyday spending with powerful budgeting and analytics, transfer money abroad, spend easily in the local currency, and so much more. The Revolut USA Prepaid Mastercard and Revolut USA Prepaid Visa card are issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard International and Visa and may be used everywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted. Withdrawal charge: 7.50, SEK Swedish Krona Although their live chat support is extremely helpful, we find that they sometimes take a little too long to respond. Max daily cash withdrawal: 3,000 HKD Its really a great way to stay on top of your limits. Cheers! *No charges when you spend abroad using an available balance of a local currency supported by the card. No problem! Revolut gives you free ATM withdrawals up to the equivalent of 200 per month. number of visitors to our website, and see how visitors browse our website, so we can improve it Max daily cash withdrawal: 450 EUR Withdrawal charge: 15 CNY, CZK Czech koruna Adding money to your Revolut account is super easy. Vaults not working. 020 7937 0280. Post Office Travel Money Card is an electronic money product issued by First Rate Exchange Services Ltd pursuant to license by Mastercard International. Can I get my salary paid into my Revolut account? Its like having a bank round the clock at your fingertips. But if youve never heard of it or youre wondering how does Revolut work, well be happy to enlighten you. can i top up my revolut card at post office. Max daily cash withdrawal: 600 CAD Which currencies are supported for inbound transfers? Whichever way you choose to order your card, don't forget to activate it once it arrives. Do you know how to deal with the problem. Revolut Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (No. Max daily cash withdrawal: 300 GBP These limits seem to be the same compared to what other mobile banks offer with their free cards. For example, if you are using the card in Spain you should always choose to pay in euro if offered a choice; choosing to pay in sterling (GBP) in this example would allow the merchant to exchange your transaction from euro to sterling. What should I do if a transfer doesn't arrive to my Revolut account? Withdrawal charge: 3 SGD, THB Thai baht Max daily cash withdrawal: 700 AUD The ATM machines to take cash are out there. Western Union international money transfer, Post Office Travel Money Card's terms and conditions, Via our travel app: you can order and store up to three Travel Money Cards in our, Top-up limit: minimum 50 maximum 5,000, Maximum balance: 10,000 at any time, with a maximum annual balance of 30,000. What good is it to have a debit card which you cant use? As far as I know, Mastercard didnt implement this the same way for Maestro. Have you tried using the DKB debit card with Apple/Google Pay for topping up? Any idea haw can I fix it? The easiest way to top up your Revolut card is by using a credit card or a debit card. For more information, please see our Useful Tip: If youre withdrawing Forex, make sure you calculate the amount in your local currency before heading to the ATM. Withdrawal charge: 12.50 DKK, GBP Great British pound You cannot make more than 50 transfers in 24 hours, or more than 200 transfers in 7 days. Depending on where you live, you may either get a Mastercard or a Visa card. No but it is strange nobody innovated the ATM machines to allow cash deposits. Watch us add money in our #RevTips video below: If youve heard of Revolut, you can move right along. Luckily, these charges are usually displayed on the screen before you accept. Free cash withdrawals! Max daily cash withdrawal: 750 NZD Can you do anything if I have a problem using my linked bank account to add money? Just be wary of cash machine operators. Hi. Or maybe youre planning to spend the summer in Europe? Your adventure travel and expat guides! So monitor your limits in the app so you dont exceed them. Have you tried force quitting the app and opening the app again? Weve only told you why the card is great for travel. Can I use Apple Pay or Google Pay to add money? To read our FAQs, manage your card or contact us about using it: There are three ways that you able to obtain a Travel Money Card, each very simple. Honestly, what Revolut offers is just brilliant! Is adding money with my linked bank account safe? That means they dont have any branches you can walk into if things go pear shaped. but I would guess its easy way to trigger AML check. As well as managing your Travel Money Card you can buy cover for your trip, access your policy documents on the move, book extras such as airport parking and hotels, and find your nearest ATM while overseas or Post Office branches here in the UK. These terms and conditions (the Cash Deposit Terms) along with the Cardholder Agreement, Fees page, Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions that apply to our services, govern the relationship between you and Revolut Technologies Inc (Revolut, we and us) and apply whenever you use the cash deposit feature (Cash Deposit) on the Revolut mobile application (the Revolut app). This might be one. Some of them may charge you an extra withdrawal fee on top of the normal fees. Whether you're looking to save money spending abroad or sticking to your budget with our built-in budgeting, get more from your money with our Standard account, Upgrade to a global lifestyle. Will I be charged for an inbound transfer? I added money with my linked bank account, but I can't see it on my account in Revolut. So pretty much any where Mastercard and Visa is accepted. If youre looking for the best bank card to travel with in 2023, Revolut has it all, and more! Thanks a lot though for the suggestion, I didnt think about that one. Get FREE ATM withdrawals around the world and buy foreign exchange at the cheapest rates. There are certain things Revolut can improve, and its only fair that we share them with you. Hi there. And thats how youre able to pay for your stuff abroad. Balance is always updated and shows that funds were added. Can't donate? No contact to a real person for money handling organization is a bit concerning. Note: The interbank exchange rate is what banks use to swap or exchange currencies. Your funds will be held at or transferred to Metropolitan Commercial Bank, an FDIC-insured institution. Banking services are provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and are subject to the terms of a Cardholder Agreement. Note: You can access the full list of currencies not supported by Revolut card here. Oh, and dont forget to subscribe! You may also want to consider waiting for your limits to reset in the next month to avoid paying fees. 08804411). Take one secure, prepaid Mastercard away with you that holds multiple currencies (see common questions for which). Simply add your card details in the Revolut app, insert an amount, submit and your funds will appear instantly. The Participating Retailer that receives your cash will be responsible to transfer the funds for deposit into your Revolut account and Green Dot is responsible for facilitating the transfer of these funds. Bonus Tip: To avoid paying conversion fees on your credit or debit card, top up in your local currency. there are ATMs that allows to deposit into bank account, not card (euronet for example, but not sure if in your country). Manage your holiday essentials together in one place on the move, from your Travel Money Card and travel insurance to extras like airport parking. We offer a range of other useful products and services. The Post Office Travel Money Card can be loaded with up to22 currencies at any one time. Well really appreciate your support. We often link to other websites, but we can't be responsible for their content. At Revolut weve made it super easy to get started in minutes. Revolut offers you a whole lot more than just the best travel card on the market. Although like I mentioned in my original post, this certainly wasn't the case a year ago, but this has clearly changed. For 2022, Revolut claims to have seen revenues increase by more than 30% to over 850 million. While we love travelling the world, we hate the thought of having to buy Forex before our trips. Or, youre starting to suspect that we work for Revolut. And you can withdraw cash with it at over 2 million ATMs worldwide (charges and fees apply, see 'Are there top-up limits?' Whatever your plans are, make sure you take your Revolut travel card with you on your next adventure. Yes checked spam - nothing, so because of poor UX design I am not stranded in a foreign country with no access to funds??? How do I transfer money to my Revolut account from another bank account? I need for someone to help me, my account was blocked because i had a chat with an agent on thursday that was not asking the right question, since then i uploaded in my chat a lot of documents ,but nobody is answering, i need for someone o assist me in this issue, maybe an email or a phone number, anything.T. Just bear in mind that Revolut charges fixed rates and adds a mark-up outside working hours. OpenBanking linked account topup doesnt work either. Max daily cash withdrawal: 110,000 HUF To avoid unnecessary charges to your card, wherever asked, you should always choose to pay for goods or withdraw cash in the currencies of your card. Cards ordered online and in-app should arrive within 3-5 days. Or alternatively 5Euros ones [deleted] 2 yr. ago You can order an Express RevolutCard directly from the App: go to 'Card', tap 'Block', 'Replace Card' and select 'Express Delivery'. Withdrawal charge: 20 SEK, SGD Singapore dollar Travel Money Card. If your card is not in USD, your bank might charge a conversion fee. While there, your funds are insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC in the event Metropolitan Commercial Bank fails if specific deposit insurance requirements are met and your card is registered. Is adding money with my linked bank account safe? I uninstalled and re-installed the app. Find out more information by reading thePost Office Travel Money Card's terms and conditions. We absolutely love the fact that you can top up your Revolut account using a credit card. There are no charges when using your card in retailers in the country of the currency on the card. When will the money reach my Revolut account? You get 5,000 / 6,000 / $6,500 per month with your free card. Saving money with Revolut sounds awesome, but how exactly do you buy Forex for travel with your local currency? But interesrting bit is that when I check my Revolut balance, I can see that account was bumped up. Contacted Revolut support, they blame Card Issuer. Heres the full list of currencies you can exchange and hold on your card: Tip: Exchanging currencies back to your local currency also uses up your limit. If you lose your RevolutCard whilst you're travelling, we'll get a new card to you in up to three business days. Max daily cash withdrawal: 1,500 TRY Useful Tip: If you cant hold the currency you want to pay with on your Revolut card, always pay in USD. Thats a specific problem with DKBs debit card. The following limits apply to Cash Deposits at Participating Retailers: Heres how to add a Cash Deposit from your Revolut app: The Cash Deposit payment service is provided by Green Dot. Why has the transfer to my account been reverted? Please note, you must be a UK resident over the age of 18 to obtain a Travel Monday Card. Were here to help you make the most of your Travel Money Card or put your mind at ease if its been lost or stolen, Please immediately call: 900412). I have 3 in my city. You can check your recent transactions, view your PIN, transfer funds between different currency wallets, top up your card, freeze your card and more. Youll also have full control of all your cards, allowing you to freeze, adjust limits and even change your pin. Have you tried using the DKB debit card with Apple/Google Pay for topping up? See full information below, which is applicable to all currencies available on the Travel Money Card. Edit: Revolut Status page also confirm there are issues: Welcome to Revoluts home for real-time and historical data on system performance. Same 27 EUR limit? mit der neuen DKB-Debitkarte aufladen kann. My bank contacted Mastercard and both said they havent received a payment request, so they blame Revolut. Ich habe auch das Problem, dass ich mein Revolut-Konto nicht von der DKB bzw. We hope they address this by offering email support or a website based chat support in the future. Unfortunately, American Express is not supported. We currently support Mastercard and Visa cards. Revolut has you covered! Tried with different cards, but Im unable to can. If Cash Deposit is available to you, it will be displayed within the Revolut app. Theyve rolled out the new debit card recently, and there are some quirks with it. These also allow us to see what pages and links you have visited so we can provide more How do I add money to my Revolut account with another card? Banking services are provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC, and are subject to the terms of a, FDIC-Prepaid Cards and Deposit Insurance Coverage, 7-day Rolling Limit: $3500 or 10 deposits, 30-day Rolling Limit: $5000 or 15 deposits. y if I was somewhere so far from my place, so I said no. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. The GreenDot Terms of Service and Privacy Policy also apply to any Cash Deposit you make with your Revolut card at a Participating Retailer. Revolut have experimented recently, changing their merchant category around. First Rate Exchange Services Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with number 4287490 whose registered office is Great West House, Great West Road, Brentford, TW8 9DF, (Financial Services Register No. The Revolut USA Prepaid Mastercard and Revolut USA Prepaid Visa card are issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard International and Visa and may be used everywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted. If it is repeating and higher amounts, you will quickly be flagged for AML. Still wonder what happened with Maestro cards. This means if you click on our links and buy something, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. No need to carry lots of cash abroad. Max daily cash withdrawal: 3,250 NOK A monthly maintenance fee of 2 will be deducted from your balance 12 months after your card expires. A quick force quit and re-open (No need for re-installing the app, or logging out.) Youll get an instant notification the second you make a payment with your card. Please confirm this someone. They exist in Portugal, but usually only inside banks (a separate entry open 24/7 just with ATMs), and you need that bank card to deposit. From cycling, hiking, road-tripping and scuba diving around the globe to moving abroad and living in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately we don't accept cheques or cash deposits into your Revolut account. When I try to top up my account from same card that Ive used before without any issues, now I receiv message that something went wrong. You can load money easily to your Revolut Card account at select retailers (each, a Participating Retailer) via Cash Deposit for a small fee, collected by the Participating Retailer. Get the confidence to spend, invest, and save smarter across the globe, Get ultimate power with the full package. Revolut will probably say its not their fault either. Send money in 28 currencies, including 1 fee-free cross-border transfer. The best way to stick to these limits is to budget. Hey guys is there some creative way to put cash money onto your Revolut card? The Revolut card removes all of the stress of carrying all your Forex with you on your trips. Yes, its the same, 27+ EUR is denied. Which countries are not supported for inbound transfers? Full details of how to activate your card will be provided in your welcome letter, to which your card will be attached if its been sent in the post. Wed personally like to think of Revolut as a mobile bank that truly is, as they claim, radically better. We currently support Mastercard and Visa cards. @Ben_M Contact support (via live chat in app) and ask them - WTF ! Withdrawal charge: 600 HUF, JPY Japanese yen This means that youre most likely to get the best conversion rate if you pay using USD. Its a real-time or live rate, which is why it is constantly changing in the Revolut app. Related Guide: Revolut is not only the best travel card. I have spent hours with customer service on both sides - Revolut and my bank, but nobody can answer the question why and nobody is able to fix it. Max daily cash withdrawal: 6,500 ZAR Reported anonymously by Revolut employees. Metropolitan Commercial Bank and Metropolitan are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank 2014. What? By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Will I be charged for adding money by card? Hello, do you know if it's possible to deposit cash from ATM into my card/account? You can find more information about Revolut exchange rates here. Spend in 150+ currencies at the mid-market exchange rate. Ive read somewhere that about 90 percent of Belgian bank accounts are connected to SCT Inst. Withdrawal charge: 15 HKD, HUF Hungarian forint Order a Travel Money Card today for smart, secure holiday spending. Press J to jump to the feed. You can top-up in EUR then exchange to GBP in the app, or the card will automatically convert to the local currency. A safe-to-use, pre-paid, reloadable, multi-currency card thats not linked to your bank account, Make contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay payments, Manage your account and top up or freeze your card easily with our Travel app. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. I restarted the App, reinstall the app but the problem continues. AND you don't even need to contact us! Was wondering about those. What if my IBAN for SEPA transfer is not accepted? It was working just fine since I joined Revolut but since a few days/weeks, I have an error message when I try to top-up from my already linked Maestro card saying it only accepts latin characters. Cookie Notice Since then, weve travelled the world and used this time to try every nook and cranny of the Revolut App. Useful Tip: To guarantee the best rates, only exchange currencies weekdays (Mon-Fri UTC) during working hours (8am-5pm). Their response time is simply inconsistent but we hope they improve this by connecting us to a live agent faster. Activate it by following the instructions in your welcome letter. We use cookies to personalise your experience on Revolut. You can thank us later. ATMs that support cash deposits are still pretty widespread in France, but they're usually always indoors. You can also use your virtual card for those 30 day trials we always forget to cancel and end up paying for. Why has the transfer to my account been reverted? Pick up a Travel Money Card instantly at your local Post Office. Heres a quick step-by-step guide on how to get started. It also lists 7 honest reasons why you should never travel again without ordering your free Revolut card today. Can someone help me. For example, using your card in Brazil will incur a cross-border fee because we do not offer the Brazilian real as a currency. Hi, I didnt use my card for a while but Im trying to top up now and when I try to do it online, its asking me to open the app on my phone which then directs me to my email to access and email Revolut has sent, to verify the app. When I try to top up I't fails. Yes, all currencies have top-up limits and balances. But we can assure you that these are still the best rates youll find anywhere. Plan your getaway with travel essentials including travel money, insurance and documents. As you can see, applying for and receiving your Revolut card is quick and easy. Unfortunately American Express is not supported. How much can you deposit in Revolut? Or its a botchy implementation of Visa Secure, and both Revolut and DKB play their role in this. You meansomething that people used 20 years ago but no longer have the need for today. Normally I top up my traditional Caisse d'Epargne account with cash then I use my debit card to transfer it to Revolut easily. Its either a bug (support might know more) or Revolut is phasing this out for Maestro cards which are going to be replaced with Mastercards in the next couple years. Enter the amount of money you want to add and then tap the Add money button. Theres almost no place on earth where you cant use your Revolut card. Thats like getting the same rate you see on Google or on apps such as XE. The Hilton Credit Card from DKB is as well not working, same problem, Hi For loads in Great British pounds, a load commission fee of 1.5% will apply (min 3, max 50). But we feel the fees Revolut charge to top up using a credit card is just too high. Be sure to collect a receipt from the Participating Retailer confirming your Cash Deposit. So its not quite enough to classify it as the best travel card. Withdrawal charge: 50 CZK, DKK Danish krone Our content is free and always will be. Luckily, there are several ways you can add money to your Revolut account. After the 1000euro limit fiasco revout is going back to middle ages. Simply check out the Revolut Community to search for a list of ATMs that dont charge any fees. Withdrawal charge: 8.5 AED, AUD Australian dollar For two weeks now. How can I put money on my Revolut card? That's it. Youll receive a Visa or Mastercard and get to manage everything from spending to withdrawals all from the app. The Post Office Travel Money Card is intended for use in the countries where the national currency is the same as the currencies on your card. I am getting just a blank screen. But not everything is perfect. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. SmartDelay shows Something has gone wrong :(. Ive been on hold in the chat for the last 30 minutes with the message that A live agent will be with you in roughly 1 min., I have been waiting for the agent from 10/06/2020 its a joke. Why pay bank fees when you dont have to? Worked fine till they changed this. Nothing that is worth the hassle anyway, unless it is a one time low amount transfer. Sometimes you just cant wait to go on holiday or maybe you get great rewards for using your credit card. Participating Retailers will be displayed within the Revolut app. Any Cash Deposit made via the Revolut app will be deposited to your Revolut card. We understand that they need to cover their costs but at 1.84%, we feel theres room for improvement. Knowing which ATM to use will certainly save you a ton of money on your travels. What if my IBAN for SEPA transfer is not accepted? Yes, thank you very mutch capital, now Its working. At card issuer (=VISA)? Most ATM machines had hash deposits back in the days - sounds almost bizarre today. Which currencies are supported for inbound transfers? Privacy Policy. Always retain the paper receipt you receive from the Participating Retailer as a record of your deposit. The USD is the most traded currency on the planet. Max daily cash withdrawal: 1,500 SAR Each card has access to whole revolut account (each wallet). My assumption is that DKB is to blame here. Note: You can access the full list of countries where you can get a Revolut card here. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Not just any dollars, crisp $100 dollar bills . Whats even better is that youll never have to walk into a bureau de change ever again. Its 200 if you live in Europe and $300 for Revolut card holders living in the USA. But if this guide has saved you time, money or made your life easier, feel free to buy us a coffee. Do note, while we always aim to give you accurate product info at the point of publication, unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first. By Posted ekologisk jord storsck In felskning parkeringssensor volvo Revolut is not responsible for any delay with respect to when funds remitted to your Revolut Card account will be available or deposited to your Revolut account or any failure of the Participating Retailer to accept or properly process the funds remitted. We simply couldnt be sure which one was the best. How do I transfer money to my Revolut account from another bank account? Just activate it and go. Dont believe us? So where lies the problem? If like us, you love exploring hidden gems and you find that you cant hold the currency of the country you want to travel to, dont despair. You can load it with between 50 and 5,000 (see more on load limits below). and our Most similar products either charge a top up fee of anything up to 4% or don't accept cards for top up at all, instead encouraging top ups by bank transfer and direct wage payments. I cant top up my revolut account. Due to international restrictions in place, its not possible to top up your Revolut account with a bank card issued in Russia or Belarus. Normally I top up my traditional Caisse d'Epargne account with cash then I use my debit card to transfer it to Revolut easily. Our travel app brings together travel essentials including holiday money, travel insurance and more together in one place. Max daily cash withdrawal: 500 SGD New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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