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butte county jail inmate list

The Butte County comprises the Chico, CA metropolitan area and it is found in the California Central Valley. It also lists released federal prison inmates and the date they were released. Here is where you get direct access to all the information you need for Butte County Jail inmate services: Learn more about how to visit an inmate in the Butte County Jail. early because they have Results Include: Bookings, Police & Sheriff Reports, Mugshots, Arrest Date, Charges, Description, Bail Amount, Case #, Level, Bailout, Sentence Date, Sentence Days, Release Date, Personal Description, Arresting Agency. 7 Gillick Way Oroville, CA 95965. Does the Butte County Jail in California have an inmate search or jail roster to see who is in custody? The Butte County Jail typically maintains an average of 25 inmates in custody on any given day, with a yearly turnover of approximately 500 offenders, meaning that every year the jail arrests and releases that many people. When you call, give the staff member the name of who you are looking for and a birthdate or age if you have it. Chico, CA 95928, Magalia Substation All mail will be checked for contraband. Full list of participating jails. St. Louis, MO 63102 . Call 800-483-8314 to make a deposit over the phone. Your email address will not be published. The Arrest Record Search will cost you a small amount, but their data is the freshest available and for that reason they charge to access it. Keep in mind that all mail will be opened and inspected for contraband. 'Smith, J*'). As of April 2022, the number of arrests and bookings are returning to normal, which means they are running higher than 2021. Unlike the California Department of Corrections, where inmates are sent once convicted of a crime and sentenced to a period of more than a year, the Butte County Jail System is populated by short-term offenders; those who have just been arrested and awaiting to be bonded out by friends or family, those who cannot afford or get bailed and are awaiting trial, or those who have already been convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of less than one year. F - 8:00am - 1:00pm, To Change your notification info 1.866.939.0911. The phone number is 530-538-7321. An account is not required to search for public cases or hearings. Created by In a perfect world you will also have the inmate's birthdate, but if not, an estimated age will help. . Butte County Inmate Search & Jail Roster Outagamie County Jail Inmate List. Along with that If an inmate is arrested in Box Butte County, Nebraska, they will most likely be at the Box Butte County Jail awaiting their court date. . General Public. Inmates in Butte County Jail, if they don't already, will soon have their own personal tablets for watching movies, TV shows, access to educational and and legal information, and more. Inmates in this jail range from low level misdemeanor offenders to those being held and awaiting trial for violent crimes like robbery, rape, and murder. You can always call and speak to someone on the staff at 530-538-7471 if you are have further questions. Amador County Jail. Butte County Arrest Warrants All mail, newspapers, magazines and books are to be shipped to the Butte County Jail: For complete information on mail policies, what you can send an inmateand what address to send them, check out our, How to Send aSecure Email Message to an Inmate in Butte County. . North County Municipal Court cases are available from late 1985 onward. The Butte County Jail is a medium-security facility. but instead was put on probation. Perform a free Butte County, SD public inmate records search, including inmate rosters, lists, locators, lookups, inquiries, and active jail inmates. Mugshots and personal details about the inmates are for informational purposes only and should never be used for any commercial use or to cause harm to them or their families. Some things contained in the Butte county parole forms There are approximately 135 Correctional staff working at Butte County. Join the conversation on our social media channels. You can deposit money into Kiosks located at the Box Butte County Jail. 256 W. Grand AvePO Box 130Arco, ID 83213. Learn more about how to search for an inmate in the Butte County Jail. is arrested, the officer fills out Visiting hours for most jails occur on evenings and weekends. Click here to pay bail/bonds and court fines and fees online. The Butte County Inmate Search (California) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Butte County public records. Under no circumstances may you use our The first step in finding out a friend or relative has been incarcerated is to find out which jail they are in. Information found on CountyOffice.org is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice. View registered inmates and learn how to make deposits on Money on Books. No. information Utah County Health and Justice Building 151 South University Ave. Suite 3110 Provo, UT 84601 801-851-4040 If you want to send an inmate money so they can self-bail, or purchase commissary or phone cards, go here to find out where and how to send it. You can also download the GTLs iPhone app to transfer money. You can Keep the following in mind when choosing this option: Money orders should be made payable to Box Butte County Jail Commissary. Offenders. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2023 UsaCountyRecords.com. review Search by Name. It is called a friends & family account. Go to this page for other jails in Butte County, all the information regarding phone calls. CountyOffice.org does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). A Butte County Inmate Search provides detailed information about a current or former inmate in Butte County, South Dakota. Please note, only the Massachusetts Department of Correction and Essex County participate in the Massachusetts VINE program. 218-325-0635. ("FCRA"), and does not supply consumer reports. Directions to the courthouse are: They are responsible for giving resolution to disputes, civil rights protection, and handling a leadership role in maintaining the order in society. Along with those Certain parties in the cases may be excluded from display. Search Inmates in Butte County. permission Remember - These phone calls are recorded and conversations can be used against you or the inmate so do not discuss your case over these phone lines. If you can't find the inmate or their ID number, call the jail at 208-527-8553 for this information. This county recognized as Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty. The total area of the county is 1,677 and was founded in 1850. Staff positions include correction officers, maintenance, clerical, kitchen workers and management. Inmate Search. An Offender search can locate an inmate, provide visitation and contact information, and it may include the inmate's offenses and sentence. inmate records Inmate Handbook Information. The facility houses all kinds of inmates, from low-level misdemeanor inmates to those incarcerated for severe offenses such as rape, robbery, and murder. The jail will require this when mailing the inmate a letter or adding money to their commissary or phone accounts. Required fields are marked *. If you want to know more about the Butte County Jail's commissary policy, go here. Butte County Sheriffs Department Address 33 County Center Drive, Oroville, California, 95965 Phone 530-538-7321 Inmate Search The public can search an inmate on the Butte CountySheriff's website. If you have followed the steps above and the report stilldoes not update, pleasesend an email to the Sheriff Webmaster. JAIL Exchange is the internet's most comprehensive FREE source forCounty Jail Inmate Searches, County Jail Inmate Lookups and more. Trustees are inmates who work in the jail as cooks, as orderlies for the staff, in the laundry or in the commissary. M-Th -8:00am to 4:30pm You will need to know the ID number of the inmate in order to put money on their books.Most larger departments are utilizing money transfer systems right within their buildings. Jails throughout the United States are now partnering with various companies to provide and manage inmate servives for them and the inmates in their facilities. Box Butte County Jail inmate locator: Mugshots, Probation Sentences, Complaint, Code, Inmate List, Release Date, Arrest Records, Marriage and Divorce Records, Charges, Eye Color, Disposition, Description, Who's in jail, Booking Date, Booking Number, Address, Bond, Bookings, Issuing Auth, Document Type, Arrests, Information Recorded. When an inmate is convicted and sentenced to a year or more, they are transferred to the California Department of Corrections or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. person If you are still unable to find the inmate you are seeking, call the jail at 208-527-8553. a copy of someones Butte county booking records without any type of Over the past 45 years, the incarceration rate in BUTTE County has increased by 661% going from 76 inmates yearly to 578 inmates. They also keep inmates, visitors, the community and staff safe. Contact Us. List of Active DOC Fugitives . All mail, newspapers, magazines and books are to be shipped to the Butte County Jail: The county was named for Sutter Buttes, which is in the area. Learn more about how to text/email an inmate in the Butte County Jail. When you click next to the inmate's name or on a link, it will show you which jail or prison the inmate is housed in. Butte county parole records and find out a lot about It also employs communications, correctional, and civilian personnel. We have no ad to show to you! Lawrence County Jail Inmate Search. . No. The only items you are allowed to bring to the Jail Lobby between the hours of 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM and 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM:Medication authorized and accepted by the Medical Unit. about a person. Jail inmates are shown in alphabetical order by their last name. Offender Locator. Visitors will only communicate with inmates they have signed up to visit (Penal Code 4570). Suggest Listing Sweetwater County Detention Center Current Inmates This is a list of the current inmate roster at the Sweetwater County Detention Center sorted by booking date. (Visitors may be required to remove the covering to verify their identity when registering for visiting). right Registration, Last The original Butte County Jail facility was built in 1965. If you need to find an inmate in another state prison system, go here. No social incoming calls or messages to inmates will be accepted. The Portal is generally available round-the-clock, except during maintenance windows. Every county jail has a commissary. Hint: When using Smart Search on the Portal, you can use an asterisk 'wildcard' to search for a partial name (e.g. http://www.buttecounty.net/sheriffcoroner/Home.aspx. Do inmates in Butte County have access to computers or tablets? Butte County Jail Inmate Mail Policies and Address - What Can You Send, and Where? an inmate Fees. Attorneys can visit inmates as many times as needed. For all the information regarding phone calls with Butte County inmates; rules, policies, phone calling times, fees, limits and more visit ourInmate PhonePage. Terms and Conditions. Everything from video calls, to messages to visitation, and even digital mail and money deposits can be done from your home computer or personal device. You are paying for them to call you. Inmate ID numbers, also known as Booking numbers, Book numbers or Case numbers are found next to their name in the Butte County Jail Inmate Search feature of this page. Aside from that, there is a 24 hour policing, coroner services, civil services, corrections, and court security. The envelope must be formatted in the following way: Inmates who do not have money in their account for commissary will be provided envelopes, paper, and postcards each week. Visits are usually limited to between 30 and 60 minutes each, once or twice per week. services for any purpose covered by the FCRA, including but not limited to tenant or This guide will help you navigate an inmate search, learn about the jail, and help you stay in contact with an inmate. When an inmate arrives in jail they are put together in a large holding cell with other inmates in the intake. For all information, tips and available items for shipping. To search for an inmate in the Butte County Jail in Idaho, use our JailExchange Inmate Search feature found on this page. The purpose of the Tulsa County Inmate Information Center is to help you locate information about persons currently in jail as well as provide resources to assist you in navigating the county jail and court systems. When allowed by Butte County Jail, families can also leave secure voicemails for inmates to listen to. This list does not contain juvenile inmates. that anyone can Can you send mail, books, or newspapers to an inmate? The Hispanic incarceration rate in BUTTE County is on average at a rate of 453 per 100,000 Hispanic U.S. residents, while the Asian incarceration rate has an average rate of 963 per 100,000 asian people U.S. residents making only 280 from incarceration rate in BUTTE County. You might also Box Butte County accepts inmates from surrounding towns, municipalities, the US Marshal's Service and the Alliance Police Department who do not have their own long-term lock-up. http://www.co.box-butte.ne.us/sheriff.html, Box Butte County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses, Box Butte County Sheriff's Office Website. Send them mail: Inmates look forward to getting letters in the mail. The area codes in use for this county are: 530 and 916, The name of the Sheriff is Kory L. Honea and the office is located at 33 County Center Drive Oroville, CA 95965. Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies, Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail, Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison. This list is only supported during normal Outagamie County MIS Department business hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They also have a large contingent of unpaid reserve deputies that volunteer their time to serve Box Butte County. also include things like fingerprints, Visiting periods start promptly at the times listed. The Licking County Justice Center has contracted with a vendor to provide electronic mail services. You will either have to pay a cash bail, or put up a private, surety or a property bond to guarantee to the court that the defendant will return on their assigned court date. How do you look up an offenders criminal charges, bond or inmate number? Idaho to a different state) phone call NOT Prepaid -, Cost of an intrastate (ex. Staterecords.org uses public and private sources of information to supply you with search Can you visit inmates in Butte County by video from home? Does Butte County Jail have inmate commissary? Phone: 651-361-7200. Learn more about how to send money to an inmate in the Butte County Jail. The Jail Records Office handles requests for inmate information on the telephone and in-person. Butte County Jail Visiting Hours. UsaCountyRecords.com is a privately owned informational website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. Click on the button below to search for public court records or hearings. Visitors must be properly attired. Learn more about how to bail or bond out an inmate in the Butte County Jail. Guards at entrances and in areas not frequented by inmates are armed with various firearms. Inmates sentenced to less than one year incarceration or those convicted to serve time for misdemeanors will do their time in the Butte County Jail. How Does an Inmate Make Phone Calls in Butte County Jail? Probation officers are appointed to investigate, report on, and supervise the conduct of convicted offenders on probation. Parole is when The alternative is to set up an account through their third-party phone company which charges steep fees for each minute used. About Us Contact Us In addition, IC Solutions provides secure messaging, sending photos, video phone calls and online deposits for inmates and their families in Butte County. Ask your question or browse previous questions in response to comments or further questions of members of There are certain ways mail must be send to an inmate to ensure they receive their mail. Butte County Jail Inmate Roster To find information about inmates, you can call the Butte County Sherriff's office at 530-538-7321. We do not originate, create, or control that information, and we cannot guarantee The goal of such tight security is to keep both the staff and the inmates safe. The main reason that people call 530-538-7471 is to find out if a particular person is in custody, although you can look up an inmate online by going here. To send a secure email message to an inmate in Butte County Jail follow these steps: For all information on how toText/Email an Inmatein Butte County Jail check out ourSecure Messaging GuideforButte County. In order for inmates to purchase additional items from commissary, they must have money in their account. Film and tapes may be confiscated. If you are on probation or parole, or you have recently been released from the jail, it is unlikely that your visit will be allowed. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis. The main reason that people call 530-538-7471 is to find out if a particular person is in custody, although you can look up an inmate online by going here. Email [emailprotected] As we navigate thru the impacts of COVID-19, the modified visiting rules will continuously be reassessed by the Sheriffs Office and any updates and/or changes will be updated as soon as reasonably practical and possible. Captain Thomas Lehman Jail Commander. Postal service at: Smart Communications / Licking Co Jus Ctr. Current Inmate Listing; Inmate Visitation Hours and Policies; Pay Bonds or Deposit Money in an Inmate Account; Staff Directory. for cases after 1988 (1989 for South County Municipal cases). Knowing what state the inmate is in is good; knowing which county is even better. As of 2023, there is inmate roster available on the web for the Lawrence County Jail. Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108. Inmate Property. Please review the rules and regulations for County - medium facility. sentence Inmate Look Up. The downside is that every word you exchange is now on file with law enforcement and could someday be used against you or your inmate if anyhing you do or say can be harmful to their pending case. Therefore, Box Butte County Jail offers several ways for you to stay in contact with an inmate. Use the following format on envelopes when sending money to the jail: It is important to keep in mind that all rules, regulations, and procedures are necessary to ensure the jail is run smoothly. Visitors may be refused entry if wearing suggestive clothing, no shoes, no shirt, or scantily dressed. Can an inmate receive and/or send email or text messages? Recent Arrests and/or Pre-trial Inmates in Butte County Jail. Magalia, CA 95954, Civil Division Every year the Butte County Jail has approximately 12280 bookings, with a daily average of 614 inmates and maintains control of the facility with a staff of 153. If they have been sentenced, you will also be able to view their release date. BUTTE County has th highest jail incarceration rate across California, yet from the total of 578 inmates only 578 are currently confined, the rest 1,801 are pretrial inmates and are awaiting trial, being tried, or awaiting a verdict. didnt go to prison The maximum occupancy of 320 inmates. Staterecords.org is not a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act Inmate Telephone. To send a commissary carepack (food, snacks and goods) directly to an inmate in Butte County Jail follow these steps: For all information, tips and available items for shippingCommissarypackages to an inmate inButte County Jail check out our Commissary Instructions PageforButte County. How to Deposit Money into an Inmate's Account in Butte County Jail, Enter the Inmate ID of your inmate. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak visitors will be required to wear a mask or face covering, and to practice Social Distancing, upon entry into the Sheriffs Office complex. Visitors may periodically have to solve a CAPTCHA to use either the Smart Search or Search Hearings Features. Victim Notification System. You also can search for Warrants in Butte County Jail via its official website. time in the federal prison system, state and county jails, and in a prison that was run by the private Jails throughout the United States are now partnering with various companies to provide and manage inmate servives for them and the inmates in their facilities. The Butte County Inmate Search (California) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Butte County public records. Cost of phone call of a Prepaid Collect Account -, Cost of an interstate (ex.

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