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amaretto orange juice, vodka

Its a well-worn tradition to combine carbonated mixers with alcoholic beverages. A simple vodka cocktail made with sparkling ginger ale tastes just as good as any fancy liqueur youd find at a fancy wine shop. Cover the shaker with it's lid and shake well. This drink is made with Disaronno, lemon juice, sugar, and egg whites. This liqueur is made with almonds and apricot kernels, and it has a sweet and nutty flavor. Cover and chill until ready to serve. This cocktail is made with vodka, amaretto, and cranberry juice, and it is sure to please everyone. You might also consider switching to aflavored vodkato add more dimension. amaretto, and 1 oz. An amaretto and vodka is called a vodka amaretto. This is a popular mixed drink that is made with equal parts amaretto and vodka. Then, just dump out the ice before adding your finished drink. This cocktail is a blend of vodka, amaretto, blood orange juice, and lemon syrup. Lubbock, TX 79410. AVB for vodka ranges from 35% to 95%, which is significantly higher than for gin. Mix together the amaretto and orange juice. What are some ways to use amaretto? Looking for a refreshing cocktail recipe that gives a tropical feeling when you drink it?. 2. Measure 4 oz of Orange Juice with your jigger. rum and 6 oz. Here are some of the best combinations to try: With Vodka: Amaretto and vodka make a delicious and refreshing cocktail. With Gin: Gin and amaretto make a great pair and can be used in a variety of cocktails. Add the Orange Juice into your shaker. Disaronno Originale is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new and unique liqueur to try, whether they are a fan of almond-flavored drinks or want to experiment with a new liqueur. Step 1. She has written several books including two novels, teaches classes on goal setting and project planning for writers, and loves to cook in her spare time. gin, 1 oz. Although they are relatively inexpensive, they are not always easy to obtain. Almond Joy. It has a smooth, sweet flavor that makes it a popular choice for cocktails. Shake and strain into a rocks glass and garnish with a lemon wedge. Cheese straws these crispy, cheesy straws are the perfect salty snack to offset the sweetness of the martini. Fill the glass with orange juice, and top with a dash or two of Angostura bitters. If you're looking to enjoy a fruit crisp dessert but don't want to go through the chopping, baking, and waiting, this is the recipe for you. Amaretto is an Italian liqueur made from apricot pits. When you're ready to serve, shake the punch with ice, pour into glasses and garnish with orange wedges. The cherry bitter is well balanced by the sweet cherry Amaretto Sour. Amaretto Cocktails From the Amaretto Sour to the Italian margarita. Garnish with lime wedge and 2-3 drops of bitters. The combination of vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cranberry juice , 8 Amazing Types of Italian Cookies You Need To Know, 6 Different Types of Cream Cheese Pie and How to Cook Them, Gorgeous Philly Cheesesteak Recipe in 2021, Everything about Smoked Pulled Pork in 2021, HOW LONG SHOULD I HEAT UP MILK FOR HOT CHOCOLATE RECIPES, COLD SWEET POTATO RESISTANT STARCH RECIPES, 1 can (12 ounces) frozen cranberry juice concentrate, partially thawed, 1 can (12 ounces) frozen orange juice concentrate, partially thawed. Vodka: It will give the drink its characteristic alcohol content and slightly muted flavor. Fill the shaker with ice and add the kahlua, amaretto, bitters, and vodka. Garnish with an orange slice or wheel. Here are several things to serve with your Amaretto Martini: 1. Whats the difference between amaretto and disaronno? DO AHEAD: Can be prepared 1 day ahead. Pour 1/4 cup hot coffee over the mixture and stir to dissolve the sugar. 1 oz Amaretto, 1 oz sparkling water, and 1/4 oz orange juice in a shaker filled with ice are all that is needed to make the Amaretto Spritz. Almond and vanilla extracts are used instead of commercial amaretto kernels to flavor this recipe. Whether you use the top branded Disaronno amaretto or another type, you'll never go wrong when you mix up classic amaretto drinks, sweet cocktails, or enticing shots. Heat until the mixture is boiling, and all of the sugar is dissolved. Mix equal parts cocoa and sugar in the bottom of a large coffee mug. Malibu, jagermeister, pineapple juice. Use it to make Tiramisu. Adding cherry juice and grenadine to the classic amaretto sour adds depth and flavor. With its bittersweet almond flavor, amaretto is an easy choice. Bocce ball with vodka: 8 percent ABV (16 proof), Bocce ball without vodka: 5 percent ABV (10 proof), Bocce ball bomb shot: 6 percent ABV (12 proof). Then, add 2 ounces of vodka. To order a drink at a bar, its a good idea to understand the volume used in cocktail drinks. Skip that and mix your own cocktail to achieve the perfect balance of sour, sweet, and boozy. Some of the less known ingredients are orgeat syrup and tangelo. Splash of Amaretto Orange Twist Pour vodka over ice in a rocks glass. It is a nice option for those days when you want a lower-proof drink and it is perfect for a casual brunch when made with fresh orange juice. Don't add ice cubes yet, as you want to do the dry shake! While you can use any brand of amaretto for any of these drinks, you can also make Disaronno drinks for a consistently high-quality result. Strain into glass and garnish with lime wedge. Pour the vodka, amaretto, and orange juice into a tall Collins glass filled with ice. bourbon, 1 oz. There is some debate over whether or not amaretto is a vodka. 2002-2023 LoveToKnow Media. Blood Orange Amaretto Cocktail - Baked Bree; Orange Crush - Magnolia Days . Amaretto Martini Recipe (with Vodka) Youll Love! So simple and goes down smoothly. All rights reserved. Your vodka intake may be determined by a variety of factors. The 1857 is a bold sip of orange infused vodka, amaretto, fresh lime juice, ground ginger and sesame oil garnished with star anise and commemorates the year the first ship carrying Chinese laborers arrived in Cuba. (You can do this 1 day ahead- keep refrigerated). Yield: 1 serving. Vodkas calming effect on blood vessels aids in the control of blood pressure. Just What the Doctor Ordered. If you want mint flavor, you can muddle mint prior to layering ingredients. Take me to the Bedroom Cocktail! Ketel One Oranje Vodka. Fried calamari for something truly unique, try serving fried calamari with this Amaretto Martini Recipe. Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice. F. Short Shake "saso" A amaretto cocktail is a one-of-a-kind cocktail made with a few ingredients. Amaretto. It is rare that a cocktail hits all the right categories of texture, mouthfeel, and taste; this one does." 4. Vodka, on the other hand, is made from potatoes or grain. Candy lovers enjoy the almond joy, which mixes amaretto with coconut rum and crme de cacao for a drink that tastes like the candy bar. Blood orange is a candy that I enjoy, and I love how it can transform cocktails from simple to elegant. Pour Amaretto, orange juice, grenadine, and vodka over ice. Chicken skewer if youre looking for something a little heartier, a chicken skewer is a great option. It is possible to fill yourself up if you consume a few of these during dinner. 1 1/3 fl oz. Orange Juice; Vodka; Sparkling Water . Porto flip Made with brandy, ruby port, and one egg yolk. This amaretto drink is a favorite among coffee lovers who like a little flavoring with their caffeine. Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice. Cover and shake vigorously. How about one with two simple ingredients? Amaretto and orange juice is a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for any occasion. Add the ice cubes and shake for another 5 seconds. In a shaker, add vodka, spiced rum, coconut-flavored rum, amaretto, peach schnapps, and banana liqueur. Amaretto and orange play well with each other as vodka brings weight to the party, and the soda water adds texture to the already good time. This hi, How to Make a Brandy Alexander With Ice Cream, Ice cream and alcohol can make for a winning dessert combination, and of all the sweet cocktails around the brandy alexander with ice cream gets awarded first prize. Theres nothing quite like a refreshing drink on a warm day, and this vodka amaretto orange juice recipe is the perfect way to enjoy the summer sun. Top it up with soda water and lime squeeze. If youre looking for something to mix with Disaronno, here are a few ideas. This version uses flavored rum to give the drink its trademark coconut flare. Sure you can do a straight up shot of amaretto--it's a delicious way to enjoy amaretto liqueur. To make an ice cream that tastes good, combine bananas, coffee, alcohol, and almonds. This delicious Amaretto Martini recipe is perfect for any occasion! '57 Chevy (Cocktail) Amaretto, Crown Royal, Grenadine, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Southern Comfort '57 Chevy #1 (Cocktail) Amaretto, Cranberry Juice, Grenadine, Orange Juice, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice, Southern Comfort 1-900-F**k-Me-Up (Shooter) . The Uppercut Shot Recipe: knockout in a glass. The book's tidy size and cherry-red cover also aided its longevity. Using this cocktail formula, you can easily create a sour cocktail from scratch. brandy, 1 oz. Mix strong brewed coffee, coffee liqueur and chocolate . Or, you can add RumChata and enjoy an amaretto shot that tastes like an almond cookie. 2023 LoveToKnow Media. to your glass to garnish. Dallas BBQ Sticky Wings Recipe: Quick & Easy, Tangy Tomato Dressing Outback Recipe (Copycat). Orange juice is a must when it comes to making brunch cocktails. 1.5 oz. Ice cubes should be placed in a pint glass. Apple Jack: succo di mela, succo di pera, succo ace . It's Friday, this is what I am drinking tonight to unwind. "This is simply a fantastic cocktail. Rub rim of glass with lime wedge. For a little more assertive drink, add one part vodka. Absolut Ruby Red Vodka, Club Soda, Orange Juice, Simple Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream Anal Sex #1 (Cocktail) Absolut Vodka, Malibu Rum, Milk, Peach Schnapps, Vanilla Ice Cream . A great cocktail to impress guests at a dinner party. pineapple juice, amaretto, vodka, southern comfort, Grand Marnier and 1 more. In a glass, add the honey and shake well. Fill shaker 2/3 full with ice, cover tightly, and shake for nearly 1 minute to super-chill and dilute. Vodka Cocktails Try the greats like the Gimlet and Mule. Stir or shake until well mixed. oz. 3. This is a great choice any time of day and works just as well at brunch as it does during happy hour. This amaretto sour recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and sour with just a hint of bitter from the almond. In addition to its nutty almond and vanilla flavors, amaretto is a bittersweet Italian liqueur. Add the Amaretto into your shaker. DO AHEAD:Can be prepared 1 day ahead. Strain through a fine sieve and reserve the juice. 11. 14 recipes. It's one of the smoothest, creamiest drinks made with amaretto--perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth. orange juice. The Godfather cocktail is sweet and sophisticated in flavor. 1.5 oz. In a cocktail shaker, combine the white crme de cacao, amaretto, orange liqueur, vodka, and heavy cream. It comes in a standard serving size of approximately 2 oz. 2021-07-16 Stir a little into ice cream. Will be enjoying this drink again! A madras is a delicious juice-based cocktail. Espresso Martini via Adobe Express. The answer to this question depends on your personal preference. It is often garnished with a cherry or lemon wedge. Theres nothing quite like a classic vodka amaretto cream. It's tasty by itself either neat or on ice, and it adds complexity and flavor to a number of delicious cocktails. The bocce ball is the screwdriver's more refined cousin. This recipe punches things up a bit. It's a sweet amaretto cocktail with the perfect hint of chocolate, almond, and coconut. With Bourbon: Bourbon and amaretto are a great pair and can be used in a variety of cocktails. Amaretto adds a unique sweet and almond flavor to the drink, which makes it even more enjoyable. Amaretto sour is a cocktail drink. 2019-12-21 Drink it with soda (that being said you can also add soda into the Amaretto and coke) Mix it with ginger beer. In a tall glass, combine vodka, amaretto, ojen (dry-anise liquor), peach schnapps, and a splash of cranberry juice. Top with equal parts orange juice and cranberry juice. This layered amaretto cocktail with grenadine is a refreshing summer drink that combines the flavors of almond and orange--perfect for watching the sun slide slowly beneath the horizon. 8.00. Made with vodka, amaretto, and a touch of sweetness, it's sure to be a hit with your guests. This recipe is a versatile one that can be adapted to meet your specific needs. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Flavour it with herbs or a citrus. Stir the ingredients together and enjoy! triple sec. Transfer to freezer containers, allowing headspace for expansion; freeze overnight., To serve, place 2/3 cup slush in each glass. vodka is a clear and odorless spirit, whereas amaretto is a nuttiness-flavored liqueur. Pour in 2 ounces of vodka and 3 ounces of orange juice and garnish with an orange slice. Paleta Shot with Tequila Recipe (Delicious), Blue Starbucks Drink Secret Recipe (Refresher), Fruity Pebbles Protein Powder Recipe (Smoothie), Grand Hennessy Cocktail Recipe: Its Delicious. Transfer to freezer containers, allowing headspace for expansion; freeze overnight., To serve, place 2/3 cup slush in each glass. 1 oz. Cover and chill until ready to serve. Pour it into glasses before the party. If you like your drinks to be strong, youll want to use more vodka than amaretto. There is an entire cocktail family called sour cocktails, and within that are those that actually have the word Sour in the title. Southern Comfort. Selecting your favorite is a matter of personal taste, so try them all before deciding which one is the best. It is produced in Saronno, Lombardy, and can be found all over the world. Whether youre making a pie, a tart, a crumble, or any other type of baked dish, you can use Amaretto liqueur. Store in a sealed bottle. (Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate.). One popular combination is the Brandy Alexander, made by mixing 2 oz. Pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine. A. Is it necessary to keep amaretto refrigerated? Pineapple Juice. Step 1. 4 oz (120 ml) Fresh Orange Juice. At the very least, it can make for a fun taste-testing experience. To date, he has made over 1 million cocktails, and counting. Amaretto adds a slightly bitter note to the sweetness of vodka and orange juice. So, is amaretto rum or whiskey? That', 99 Apples Drink RecipesFrom Fruity to Desserty, When you're at the liquor store next, looking for a little inspiration for your apple cocktails, look no further than a bottle of 99 Apples. Remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool for 10 minutes. Kennys Cooler Texas Roadhouse Recipe: Its Delicious! So whether youre sipping it neat or using it in a recipe, theres no need to worry about keeping your amaretto in the fridge. lemon juice. Afternoon Drinks. 4 ounces cold pressed organic watermelon juice cucumber, garnish. Measure 4 oz of Orange Juice with your jigger. Add a couple of slices of a blood orange, clementine, tangerine, etc. Vodka has been shown to be as effective as wine and beer in losing weight. Amaretto liqueur: My go-to option is Disaronno Amaretto, but feel free to use another brand if you like. vodka, tequila, amaretto. Amaretto is a sweet almond-flavored liqueur and can be a great addition to a vodka martini. And the coke just ties it all together. Strain into 2 cocktail glasses. Triple Sec, which is an orange liqueur (like Cointreau). A can be served as a sweetener or as a soft drink after ice, or as a syrup with carbonated drinks. vodka; 1/4 oz. Some variations, like this one, include a shot of vodka and opt for less amaretto, creating a drink that is more similar to the screwdriver. . Once you give this creamy cockt, 12 Boozy Lemonade Recipes for a Sip of Sunshine. To make 2 drinks: fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Page 1. The makers of Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka created this fourth flavor-infused varietal, titled Amaretto. If you want to make your daiquiri less sweet, you can use less simple syrup. WonderHowTo. And whats even better than a delicious cocktail? With Rum: Amaretto and rum are a great pairing and can be used in a variety of cocktails. If youre looking for something a little more festive, try the Disaronno Popsicle. A childs parents are an important part of his or her life. In a cocktail shaker, combine the lemon juice, syrup, and amaretto. . Linen Cocktail Napkins: The Perfect Accessory For Your Next Party, What Color Mens Shoes Is Worn At Cocktail Event, The Right Bitters For The Perfect Manhattan, The Dos And Donts Of Feeding A Cocktail, A Cocktail Hour Harvest Table Is The Perfect Way To Snack And Mingle At Your Next Event, How The Cocktail Became An American Staple, How To Make Quick Cocktails: 3 Easy Recipes. Creating great tasting cocktails at home is easy once you have some recipes. She also served as a cocktails writer and editor for Casual Mixologist. Do not stir. used variety cocktails popular combination. Soul Taker Mix That Drink. Most amaretto sours are extremely sweet, thanks to bottled sour mix. This tasty cocktail is an easy afternoon sipper or a new addition to brunch. Freshly-squeezed orange juice: the key for a great cocktail is freshly squeezed juice, which tastes so much better than store-bought juice. 1. Despite these differences, many people consider amaretto to be a type of vodka. Get the recipe at Brio. triple sec; 2 ounces grapefruit juice; 2 ounces pineapple juice; pineapple wedge, cherries, and orange slices for garnish Pour vodka, margarita mix and lime juice in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. 50ml 12yo Single Malt Scotch (but not an Islay one!) Because shot glasses are typically small, they make it simple to shoot the ball quickly. This vodka pairs well with fruit flavors, and it can be used to make delicious cocktails. See the ingredients, how to make it, view instrucitonal videos, and even email or text it to you phone. DH bought me a bottle of Amaretto and I have a gallon of orange juice that needs to be used. A sour cocktail is typically made with citrus and served shaken, similar to margaritas or daquiris. Shake well and then strain into a glass. Theyre sure to be a hit! Cocktails come in a variety of flavors, and they can be made in a variety of ways. Measure 2 oz of Amaretto with your jigger. 2023 LoveToKnow Media. amaretto, and 1 oz. Amaretto is made from a variety of different ingredients, including almonds, apricots, and cherries. Glowing like a beacon, one could easily find it amid the mahogany gloaming of the backbar. Lemon Juice: A squeeze of lemon juice adds a . Orange juice, vodka, and champagne make excellent accompaniments to any drink, whether its an orange sunrise drink or a tequila sunrise drink. 1910 Gary Ave Upper Apt. 9/15/08 1:44 PM. The vodka does make the first recipe the strongest of the three, though each is nice and mild in comparison to many other cocktails. Fill the cup with hot coffee, then top with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. The Brio company's cocktail blog offers us a sophisticated, refreshing upgrade to the basic vodka cranberry cocktail. He is the head bartender at the two-Michelin-star restaurant, Gabriel Kreuther, crafting cocktail menus that have caught international attention. Amaretto is a sweet, almond-flavored liqueur that can be enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails. Just be sure to adjust the amount of amaretto accordingly so that the drink is not too sweet. lemon juice. 1 oz. Strain into a poco grande or wine glass filled with fresh ice. orange juice. The key is to find the right balance of sweet and dry flavors. Allison is a bartender & mixologist who served drinks in Boston & New Hampshire, creating craft cocktails. simple syrup. Dip into kosher salt on a plate to rim glass. In fact she is referred to as "The Chef" by most of her close family not only because she attended culinary school and was an actual chef, but also because she has a passion for cooking for friends and family. When ordering a drink at a bar, the bartender usually fills the drink with three shots of vodka (usually three shots). Vodka martinis are a classic cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. Garnish with an orange slice or wheel. In a cocktail shaker, add amaretto liqueur, lime juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white. Nilla Wafer Martinis are all youd expect: delicious, juicy Nilla wafers in cocktail form. cream. In fact, many liquor stores sell amaretto under the vodka section. Your email address will not be published. If you answered yes to both of those questions, then youll love this recipe! Add vodka, triple sec, and orange juice and stir to combine. lemon juice. You can drink it on its own or by combining it with other ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind drink. This recipe makes two shots. lemon juice. So sip amaretto over ice with a mixer like cola or cranberry juice, add it to a cup of coffee for a pick-me-up, mix it with club soda for a decidedly delicious take on an Italian soda, enjoy an amaretto and hot chocolate, add an ounce to a glass of dry sparkling wine for a fizzy celebratory delight, or put it in your cocktail shaker and make one of these amaretto recipes. Its a fun and festive drink that is perfect for summer parties. Amaretto vodka ginger ale is a smooth and delicious drink that is perfect for any occasion. 12 . Candy apple. When you combine them, you have a whole new world of textures and tastes to satisfy your senses. Weve found that the bourbon gives the drink a better balance between tartness and the amarettos sweet flavor. Vodka and peach schnapps are a familiar and popular flavor combination, and while several possibilities of drinks exist with this combination alone, it can sometimes start to feel repetitive. 2018-04-12 Pour amaretto vodka into a glass filled with ice. Its perfect for any occasion, whether youre looking for a delicious way to relax after a long day or youre hosting a party and want to serve a signature cocktail. cup orange juice; cup vodka ( I used orange flavored vodka) cup amaretto liquor; teaspoon amaretto extract (optional) 2 cups flour; Steps. Steps to Make It. Dr Pepper was first introduced to the United States in 1885 as a soft carbonated drink. In a cocktail, combining vodka with other drinks can be harmful and make you sick. 1 medium navel orange, juiced (about to c.) Lemon-lime soda, such as Sierra Mist or Sprite. Pour into glass and then add the grenadine until you see the sunrise. For an easy and refreshing cocktail, combine all of the ingredients with this one-of-a-kind ratio. bowl, mix water and sugar until sugar is dissolved. What is amaretto? . This amaretto sunrise is made up of amaretto, peach nectar, peach schnapps, and grenadine. 2/3 fl oz. The Cranberry Kiss uses the almondy sweetness of amaretto to balance the tartness of the cranberry and orange juices and the smoothness of the vodka. A few dashes of orange bitters (optional) Orange slice, for garnish. 2022-05-16 Midnight Martini. The combination of vodka, amaretto, and kahlua is both delicious and refreshing, making it a perfect choice for any time of day or night. The smooth, sweet taste of the amaretto is the perfect complement to the crisp, refreshing flavor of the vodka. Add fresh orange juice and a splash of club soda. make the best foam and an impressive frothy layer when shaken first at room temperature! Mediterranean Mule. Strain into a glass over fresh ice. "Your" Sour: Amaretto di Saronno o Wiskey o Midori, succo di limone fresco e sciroppo di zucchero . Measure 2 oz of Amaretto with your jigger. This search takes into account your taste preferences, lemon-lime soda, cherries, cherry juice, vanilla ice cream, amaretto liqueur and 1 more, triple sec, preserves, liqueur, liquor, vodka, lemon juice, lime juice and 9 more, blood orange juice, water, syrup, ice cubes, sparkling water and 16 more, amaretto, southern comfort, berry, 7 Up, vodka, amaretto, cranberry juice, clementines, orange juice, vodka, ice cubes, maraschino cherries, vodka, grenadine, orange juice, amaretto and 2 more, amaretto, chocolate, ground cinnamon, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and 1 more, orange juice, vodka, pineapple juice, maraschino cherries, rum and 1 more, maple syrup, orange zest, candy cane, Orange, vodka, cloves, cinnamon stick and 5 more, raspberry, raspberry liqueur, irish cream liqueur, half and half and 5 more, apple, vodka, rose, cranberry juice, amaretto, vanilla bean paste, agave syrup, pineapple juice, pineapple slices and 6 more, eggnog, chocolate shavings, vodka, nutmeg, amaretto, ice cubes, vodka, chocolate syrup, chocolate syrup, toasted coconut and 4 more, amaretto, ginger ale, sugar, lemon, ice, vodka, cranberry juice and 2 more, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, heavy whipping cream, sprinkles and 3 more, fresh orange juice, ice cubes, clementines, cranberry juice cocktail and 2 more, eggnog, caramel sauce, vodka, amaretto, nutmeg, cinnamon, white chocolate liqueur, heavy cream, creme de noyaux, cocktail mix and 6 more, vodka, ice, amaretto, cinnamon, rum, Cake, purple sugar, vodka, grenadine, amaretto, southern comfort, Grand Marnier, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, cream, cream of coconut, grated nutmeg, banana and 27 more, Kahlua, vodka, Frangelico, Bailey's Irish Cream, amaretto, vodka, vodka, strawberry syrup, strawberries, ice, amaretto, graham crackers, vodka, coconut water, cocoa powder, almond milk, amaretto, white frosting, creme de cacao, heavy cream, amaretto, nonpareils and 2 more, Bailey's Irish Cream, chocolate instant pudding mix, cool whip and 8 more, lime wedges, amaretto, grenadine, vodka, ice, cherries, sour mix, fresh cranberries, ice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, water, sugar and 3 more, amaretto, lime juice, vodka, cranberry juice, "Dirty Shirley" & Amaretto Ice Cream Floats, Adding Christmas Cheer With Recipes & DIYs, Pomegranate and White Chocolate Almond Truffle Shooters, Almond Joy Martini with Chocolate Coconut Water. Orange juice (freshly squeezed) 1 fl oz. Unlike some other types of alcohol, amaretto does not need to be refrigerated. Video Loading. While vodka and schnapps of all types are present in any number of beverages and vodk, Drinks With Orange Juice, Vodka and Grenadine, There is a drink with vodka, orange juice, and grenadine for almost every occasion. Brunch Pro Theme by Shay Bocks, French Kiss Shot Recipe: A Kiss of Flavor, Occassional Cocktails may earn compensation from purchases made after clicking links on this page. Cocktail vodka amaretto is a great drink for parties, gatherings, and celebrations.

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