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Routier has been accused of killing her sons, Devon, six, and Damon, five. Darlie Lynn Routier (born January 4, 1970, Rowlett, Texas), was convicted of murdering her young son Damon, and is currently on death row awaiting execution by lethal injection. The estimated net worth of Darlie is $10 thousand. Their first child Devon Rush Routier was born on 14th June 1989. It could be one of the greatest miscarriages of all time, with an innocent mother forced to go through the trauma of discovering her children in pools of blood, then being accused of the chilling crime. Darlie and Darin's lives were flash, and both believed in buying and wearing top-quality goods and always going the NPR way, like when Darlie got that $800 fur jacket in a going-out-of-business . Darlie explains she was having a downstairs sleepover with Devon, six, Damon, five, while husband Darin was upstairs with their eight-month-old baby Drak when she woke up to a horrifying ordeal on 6 June 1996. Darlie's eldest son, Devon, had already died from four knife wounds. However, her defense attorneys claimed that she had no reason to murder her children. 4. 07:01 GMT 07 May 2019 Susanna Reid investigates whether Death Row inmate Darlie Routier is an innocent woman who tragically lost her two sons, or a twisted killer who stabbed her own boys in cold blood But how do you know what you're going to do when you lose two children? Oh my God. Cooper, Routier's lawyer, said when the fingerprint, known in the case as 85-J, was tested, no DNA could be extracted from it because it has degraded over time. With that said, we cant help but wonder about her only surviving son. Houston pitmaster goes viral after hilarious TV interview, Astros GM Dana Brown has more praise team's top prospect, Turner: TEA is giving Houston ISD two optionsclose school or be taken over, Two ocelots were photographed crossing a road in rare South Texas sighting, Willie Nelson's new album is a lovely tribute to a fellow country legend, Houston Rockets poised to reap benefits from Eric Gordon trade, Hiker captures 'once-in-a-lifetime' photo of wildlife at Brazos Bend State Park, Why Johnson City in Texas Hill Country is the new, cooler Fredericksburg. Routier's case was featured on the multi-part docuseries The Last Defense exploring the failures of the American justice system, which aired on ABC over the summer. They dated for several years before marrying in 1988, then moved to the Dallas. Ms. Routier, 26, is . Here is a photo she (Cindy Black) posted on her Facebook account. A lot of people think that because I divorced Darlie that I dont believe in her anymore, but thats far from the truth, he said on The Last Defense. [She] is 100% innocent. Real Name: Darlie Lynn Routier Case: Appeal Location: Rowlett, Texas Date: June 6, 1996 Details: Darlie and Darin Routier were married with three sons. She has not been previously engaged. Incarcerated; earliest possible release 2025. Her sons were injured fatally. She has always maintained her innocence and has claimed the boys were killed by an intruder. By July 1996, though, a court had granted temporary custody of Drake to his paternal grandparents, with his father being allowed supervised visits. Darlie Routier was previously married to Darin Routier (1988). "You have to separate the tragedy from the marriage. She is one of 10 women on death row in Gatesville, which is between Dallas and Austin. "If it wasn't a solid case she wouldn't be sitting where she's at.". Susanna points out the "irony" in Darlie's statement, as the mother was convicted and sentenced to death by legal injection for killing one of her sons, and remains accused of murdering the other. The only aspect he does not like or appreciate, which seems completely understandable, is how he and his family members are usually talked about in mainstream media. He firmly believes her conviction was a grave injustice that should be corrected. Routier told authorities that the crime was perpetrated by an unidentified intruder. They asserted that it was unrealistic to accuse Routier of staging a crime scene. Darlie was convicted of capital murder and is still on death row for killing her two children, but where is Darin now? Her husband filed for divorce in June 2011, despite his claims that he believed her to be innocent. "It doesn't change the fact that we still believe what we believe," he said. In fact according to Darlie they were even talking about having another wedding. So, how much is Darlie Routier worth at the age of 51 years old? Darlie Lynn Peck Routier (born January 4, 1970) is an American woman from Rowlett, Texas, who was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of her five-year-old son Damon in 1996. Texas mom accused of killing her children has history of violence, Heres how you can watch 'Daisy Jones and the Six', Proposed Texas bill gives tax cuts to heterosexual families only, These bites won big at the Houston rodeo's foodie awards. For now, Routier, aged 48, remains on death row inGatesville Prison, Texas, and is one of six women sentenced to death in the state. The 53-year-old American was born in the Year of the Dog and is part of Generation X. Darlie Routiers birth sign is Capricorn and she has a ruling planet of Saturn. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. It's been very hard on all of us, because she's innocent. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 88 kg. On 6th June 1996 at 2:31 am, 911 got a call from the Routier residence at 5801 Eagle Drive. Blood was found all over the floors, walls and furniture from the frenzied knife attack, which Susanna describes as a "horrifying" scene. "[16], Routier's trial began on January 6, 1997, in Kerrville, Texas. Darlie Routier laid bare her first person account of the horrific 1996 murders in a two-hour program by ABC's 20/20 airing on Friday. The case of Darlie Routier has been heavily debated since her capital murder conviction and death sentence were handed down by a Kerrville jury on February 4, 1997. As of 2015, Darin was living in Lubbock with the couple's surviving son, Drake. Race and Gender of Victim Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. When is Darlie Routier due to be executed? "She didnt have the demeanour of a mother whose children had been brutally murdered a few days before.". r/darlie: A Texas woman named Darlie Routier was convicted of stabbing her children to death in 1997. Evidently Darin and his current wife were dating during high school too. [15] She was shown smiling and laughing as she sprayed Silly String on the graves in celebration, singing "Happy Birthday". In the chilling 911 call, Darlie screams: "Somebody came in, they broke in. For other inquiries, Contact Us. He worked at the Western Sizzlin', the same place where her mother worked. I didn't kill Devon and Damon.'. Inside sinister rise of pink cocaine sweeping UK nightclubs as warring cartels battle to control 'Coca Cola of drugs', We live on Britain's WORST street - it's rife with drug addicts, crime & prostitutes we're terrified for our lives, Man 'naked and covered in blood' arrested before mum found 'murdered' at home as neighbours reveal hearing screams, Leicester 'explosion': Listen to massive 'sonic' boom that shook homes and rattled windows. The least compatible signs with Capricorn are generally considered to be Aries and Libra. Darlie Routier, a young mother, is stabbed alongside her two young sons in the middle of the night. Reality #1. Similarly, she has a sister Danelle Fugate. [2], Routier's case has been the subject of multiple books and television shows. Then, that fateful June 1996 day transpired and Darin heard his wife scream in the middle of the night. "I was a 26-year-old mother, wife. [8], Routier was represented at trial by lawyer Douglas Mulder. A few months later, he moved in with Darin at his new home in Lubbock, Texas. "I could see Devon laying there and his eyes were open. Like the case of David Camm who was finally exonerated after serving 13 years in prison, Darlie Routier was accused and convicted of the brutal murders of her two precious children--based solely on controversial forensic evidence known as bloodstain pattern analysis. Since their divorce, Darin hasn't remarried and maintain's Darlie's innocence. On the night of June 6, 1996, Darlie slept on the sofa in her family room while her oldest and middle . Matthew Walling - second officer on the scene. , updated There's nothing especially remarkable or unusual about the Routiers marriage. Darlie Routier was born on the 4th of January in 1970 (Generation X). The defense also questioned why, if she killed her sons to preserve her lavish lifestyle, she left her youngest son, seven-month-old Drake, alive and unharmed. ", Lubbock man divorcing woman on death row for killing son, Mayor: HISD has two optionsclose school or be taken over, Rare photos show 2 ocelots crossing South Texas road, Willie Nelson pays lovely tribute to another country legend, Eric Gordon trade looking better and better for Houston Rockets, This Texas Hill Country town is the new, cooler Fredericksburg, Hiker takes 'once-in-a-lifetime' photo at Brazos Bend State Park. The new series premieres on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. "You were categorised as the glamorous all-American cheerleader who perhaps got frustrated at being a mother. Are insane ticket costs pricing Astros fans out of Opening Day? The series will examine the capital murder. Susanna Reid comes face to face with convicted killer Darlie Routier in the documentary. It is not known when Darlie Routier, 50, will be executed. Police arrived within three minutes of the 9-1-1 call. Darlie had at least 1 relationship in the past. Making the call is Darlie Routier, the mother of three boys, Devon, Damon, and Drake, and the wife of Darin. The trial began in January 1997, with prosecutors claiming forensics had found evidence that Darlie was lying. She also was charged with killing Damon's 6-year-old brother, Devon, but was not tried for the death. His attorney filed the divorce papers Wednesday in Lubbock, where he lives with their youngest son, Drake, who is 15. Darlie's appeal lawyer, Stephen Cooper, said: "It seems immoral to me to sit back and judge her as to whether she killed those children based on what she did over a four or five minute period at the graveside. She has also been charged with capital murder in the death of her six-year-old son, Devon, who was murdered at the same time as Damon. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. LUBBOCK The husband of death row inmate Darlie Routier said Friday that he and his wife are divorcing to move on from the "limbo" they've been in since her arrest and conviction for killing one of their sons. Darlie Routiers biography and horoscope. Darlie Routier was born on 4th January 1970 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, US. In February 1997, she was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the murder of Damon, but was not trialled for Devon's murder. Working at the same eatery where Darin, at just 17, proved to be an ambitious assistant manager, she knew that hed be a good match for her 15-year-old daughter and she was right. . Do you know anyone who would have waited 15 years? Whos the richest Criminal in the world? He firmly believes her conviction was a grave injustice that should be corrected. No date has been set for her execution as the case continues to go through the state's appellate court system. 2 Darlie Routier is on death row Credit: AP:Associated Press Who is Darlie Routier? Like many celebrities and famous people, Darlie keeps her personal and love life private. Susanna Reid investigates whether Death Row inmate Darlie Routier is an innocent woman who tragically lost her two sons, or a twisted killer who stabbed her own boys in cold blood. "They took something that was beautiful, they took something that was so innocent and made out of love, and they turned it into something ugly. Police discovered that a window screen had been cut in the garage, a possible entry point for the intruder. [32][33], Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack covered the case in Season 12 Episode 6. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. She said during the interview: "Im at peace with myself. The 26-year-old homemaker and mother of three alleged that an intruder had broken into her home on June 6, 1996, stabbed two of her sons to death, and attacked her, leaving her with . You won't want to miss it! On the night of June 6th, 1996, Darlie Lynn Routier made a frantic call to 911. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. While the police had evidence for Darlie's conviction, including inconsistencies in her story, Darlie's supporters have also pointed out holes in the timeline of events that night. What happened to Darlie Routier surviving son? Their first child Devon Rush Routier was born on 14th June 1989. [5][10] The window sills in the garage had untouched layers of dust, including the window that had been cut, implying that no one had actually climbed through it, and the mulch in the flower beds between the garage and the backyard gate was undisturbed. Today, she still sits on death row, even though there is reasonable doubt.Ways you can help Darlie:Payp. "You have to separate the tragedy from the marriage. Darlie and Darin met in Lubbock, Texas when they were teenagers and Darin was the assistant manager of a restaurant. Even now, 25 years later, Darlie Routier still maintains that she is innocent and that someone broke into the home and attacked her and her children. [27][28], The 1999 book Precious Angels: A True Story of Two Slain Children and a Mother Convicted of Murder by Barbara Davis accounted for Routier's guilt. When the police arrived they saw that the window screen in the garage was cut. But Cooper claims the findings were "ludicrous" as the knife would have multiple fibres on it, not one, if it was used to cut open the screen. Till now, the testing is still going on. Darlie Routier is an American citizen who is convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of her five-year-old son Damon. She was arrested just days after the graveside celebration, which her mother, Darlie Kee, said was the family's way of dealing with their loss, as Dallas News reported. [8] Routier was treated at a hospital and released two days later. By People born in the Year of the Dog are loyal and can keep a secret. Before the sun had broken on June 6th, 1996 Darlie Routier (26) of Rowlett Texas was pleading with the dispatch operator for immediate help. Back in 2011, he told The Associated Press that the decision to divorce was mutual and "very difficult." Even so, the investigators on the case maintain that Darlie's conviction was justified. Routier has been accused of killing her sons, Devon, six, and Damon, five. Her hair color is brown and has hazel eyes. They would have two more, Damon and Drake. However, Darlie insists they were celebrating her son's life and the prosecution twisted the mark of respect. Her brother Danny was permanently paralyzed from the waist down but both survived. After all, his father, Darin Routier, didnt take custody of him right away because he wanted to get his finances and emotional health in order. Darlie Routier also has a ruling planet of Saturn. [5] Investigators said that the garage contained no blood drops, and added that indications were that no one had run through there at all. Darlie Routier is currently single. She met him when he was a cook at Western Sizzlin restaurant where her mother also worked. However, their life seemed perfect otherwise. Darlie, a native of Altoona, Pennsylvania, met her future husband, Darin Routier, in Lubbock, Texas, when she was a teenager and he was the assistant manager of a restaurant. She's the mother of my children," Darin Routier, who divorced Darlie Routier in 2011, told "ABC News." She remains on death row while he maintains her innocence. Darlie's husband, Darin Routier, was sleeping upstairs with 7-month old Drake. She was born on Sunday, January 4, 1970. But the defense attorney claimed that there is numerous error. The documentary series are Forensic Files, Unsolved Mysteries, 48 houses, On Death RowandThe Last Defense. Throughout the book Cruz collaborates with a former FBI special agent on her examination of the case. The court filing cites a "conflict of personalities" between the Routiers, but Darlie Routier's mother, Darlie Kee, said her daughter and Darin still love one another and that the wording is typical for a divorce petition. Darin Routier said neither he nor his wife plans. Darin Routier said his wife is appealing her conviction. Texas woman who was sentenced to the death penalty via lethal injection for the murder of her five-year-old son, Damon Routier. Darlie replies: "When you have nothing else you go to character assasination. [23] In 2018, the Criminal District Court No. Yet, Drake has managed to strive despite these harrowing instances. A Dallas County judge has admitted two lawyers from the national office of the Innocence Project to the case. Five minutes later, police arrived at Darlie's home in Rowlett, a suburb of Dallas. A new study says yes. Jimmy Patterson - lead detective in the case. If you see something that doesnt look right, contact us. Her bloody footprints were found under a broken wine glass and an upturned vacuum cleaner, which prosecutors believe indicates they were placed there after she walked round the kitchen. They dated for several years before marrying in 1988, then moved to the Dallas area where Darin found success with testing circuit boards. In her account of the crime and trial, "Precious Angels" author Barbara Davis left no doubt that she also believed. . Darlie Lynn Routier is an American woman from Rowlett, Texas, who was convicted of murdering her five-year-old son, Damon. Their mother, Darlie Routier, has been fighting to get off of death row for over 25 years. Realtor Lucia Bowen of Fathom Realty is listing 3013 Sandra . Darlie Routier has not been previously engaged. As of 2023, Darlie Routier is possibly single. Hurry. She was convicted of the murder of one of her sons while remaining accused of killing the other. According to Chinese Zodiac, Darlie was born in the Year of the Dog. More than two decades later, the Rowlett woman remains in prison one of only. 6 - Darlie and Damon Routier's two oldest sons, Devon, 6, and Damon, 5, are fatally stabbed in the downstairs living room of their home on Eagle Drive in Rowlett. During the trial, the prosecution argued that Routier's injuries were self-inflicted, that the crime scene had been staged, and that she murdered her sons because of the family's financial difficulties; the defense argued that there was no reason Routier would have killed her children, and that the case did not have a motive, a confession, or any witnesses. Darlie was just fifteen years old when she met seventeen year old Darin. The killer mom faced one count of mother and two counts each of attempted murder and criminal assault. She was arrested on February 28, 1984, the ninth month after killing her daughter. One of them is Darlie Lynn Peck Routier, who was convicted and sentenced in 1997 without any witnesses, confessions, or substantial evidence tying her to the murder of two of her sons, 6-year-old Devon and 5-year-old Damon. Her husband and youngest son Drake were sleeping upstairs at the time. She also had injuries in the throat. Is Whataburger healthy? [17][18] The prosecution suggested that Routier murdered her sons because of the family's financial difficulties,[19] and described Routier as "a self-centered woman, a materialistic woman, and a woman cold enough, in fact, to murder her own two children.[20] Jurors also saw the Silly String video. Darlie and Darin Routier were high-school sweethearts who married in August 1988, after Darlie completed high-school. Fortunately, thanks to years of undergoing chemotherapy, the disease is now in remission. Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. Who are the richest people on earth right now? Both women were described as wonderful mothers who loved their children, but were also described as having post-partum issues during the last years of their children's lives. DARLIE Routier has spent the last 23 years on death row. [34][35], The Investigation Discovery network aired an episode of Werner Herzog's series On Death Row titled "Darlie Routier" that covered the case in Season 2, Episode 2, broadcast on September 10, 2013. [8] After picking up the knife and chasing him away, Routier said she realized that she and her children had been wounded and that she called 9-1-1. Source:https://www.spreaker.com/user/7811742/darlie-routier-is-dangerousTeenage college student Ryan Kester made news this year when he petitioned the Texas .

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