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custom window systems vs pgt

The window has a design pressures of 60, which is excellent. Entire home needs new windows. PGT 5500 new winguard vinyl series which are triple pane, laminated, and insulated with lowE coating. . PGT Innovations expects to finance the transaction with cash on hand and existing or additional financing arrangements. Founded in 1980, the Company employs approximately 1,700 at its manufacturing, glass laminating and tempering plants in North Venice, Florida. Impact windows protect people, furnishings, and floors from harmful UV rays. This is one of our selections for the best hurricane windows on the market. CWS is coming in at nearly $9,000 less than PGT!!! Custom Window Systems vs PGT Innovations Custom Window Systems vs PGT Innovations Competitors at Custom Window Systems is not yet available. Impact will cost considerably more, but obviously they are much more durable. Do you feel these windows are a good quality product and is the price estimate fair? Stormbreaker plus quote: $9100 Dane - Site Editor - from 2016. From FHIA Which window is best and why? That's not the fault of the window company, but a function of the condition of your home. Dane - Site Editor - from 2017, Hi. Jeremy - Homeowner - from 2016, Jeremy, that is a big price difference. Both Pella and Viwinco are not considered quality windows. A Marvin dealer tomorrow (because I Matt Risinger), and I'd prefer an aluminum framed window if it's not out of reach based on our southern exposure vinyl experience. "Will the vinyl ones hold up as well as the aluminum ina tropical storm or hurricane?". My valence and returns do not meet. We are having a difficult time accepting such a huge price difference. Lorelei - Homeowner - from 2015, Lorelei, here are 4 manufacturers that should have dealers or local window companies in Michigan that carry their windows. I would prefer you go with the Windpact series from CWS. PGT allows you to change the frame colour, configuration, grid style and glass tint of each pre-set design. I will say that both of these series are well regarded and either one should serve you well when coupled with professional installation from a quality and well reviewed install company. MI on the other hand has a reputation as a low quality manufacturer and not a brand I would put in my own home. This also gives you a great way to work the prices on both down by playing them off against one another. The Windpact series is built for coastal applications on the East Coast as the company is headquartered in Ocala Florida. Sue - Homeowner - from 2019, Sue, the price is definitely in the realm of reasonable for an impact window. Jeromy - Homeowner - from 2016, Jeromy, that's a big price difference. Let me know your thoughts. Give them a call and see if they have an answer for you. Scott, Vargas & his Team are incredibly talented and Customer service is Job #1 . Home Depot subcontracts instllersinstallers so there is a double layer of mark ups. I would try to get a bid from as many of these companies as possible to maximize your chances of a high quality window at a reasonable price. I like the single hungs from CWS and they are going to be a much better window than the Home Depot Simonton (I'm assuming it's either the Daylight Max or the VantagePointe series). Upon inspection at delivery we found all windows had significant defects and we refused to have them installed. Headquartered in Ocala, Florida, the company has been in business since 1986 and serves most of Florida through dealer networks -- i.e. seems like they use PGT windows. Also 4 Energy Storm Saver 2 and 4 panel doors, which are pricey as all heck. Does anyone have an idea about the price difference between PGT Winguard Aluminum windows and Marvin or Anderson impact windows? I will say that since the pandemic, the manufacturing attention to detail has suffered across the board. Per side I believe. See All Windows Doors Products designed specifically for hurricane impact zones in Florida and other coastal markets. Tim - Site Editor - from 2020, Hello Dane/Tim, I have a 2800 sq ft under a/c home. Thanks again Dane and greatly appreciate getting your feedback! Ultimately, I want black/bronze exterior and white interior. My CWS quote was DOUBLE my PGT quote, so you need another quote directly from a local dealer/installer. (I would love to go with your company, but you are more expensive than the CWS -- if you could match them, I would sign with you, etc.) View Our Products > Professionals That is for labor, materials, permits and tax. We have a quote using CWS Aria horizontal sliders, MI 3540 single hung windows, and MI 1615 sliding doors for $9571.50. Do these windows have a good build quality? Some SHs are now really well made and can achieve performance data that far exceeds double hungs (because you have less moving parts and less places for air to enter etc.) Custom Window Systems Wind-Pact Plus vs PGT #1 by FLhomeowner Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:19 am I received a quote for impact resistant windows from a company in southwest florida that installs both Custom Window Systems Wind-Pact Plus (CWS) as well as PGT windows. Your advice and help is appreciated. Laurie - Homeowner - from 2018, Laurie, Both CWS and Simonton have relatively strong reputations in the industry. It seems as most folks I hear speaking about vinyl vs aluminum PGT Winguard windows prefer the aluminum, but I would love to know why and to hear from anyone who has the vinyl to see if they are happy with them. What else can you do, really? I would probably compare it to the PGT5400, which I also like. That's right. PGT will replaced the windows - they will probably say "out of warranty" - it is very unclear just exaclty what their warranty is (!). Choose from a variety of grid features, glass tints, and more. Also their sealed units frequently fail. Dane - Site Editor - from 2019, Hi Tim! by FLhomeowner Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:19 pm. Do this for each brand you are interested in searching. I don't actually have much in terms of performance data -- U-value, air infiltration, SHGC, VT, or CR. Price: $12,687 for the following: Eastern Architectural 400 Series: $21.5k Is the CWS Aria series windows really of bad quality? That is the story we are being give. Bill - Installer - from 2012. It doesn't cover much! Marge - Homeowner - from 2020, Marge, I think you're on the right track. Thank you. The CWS windows were nice but averaged $1250.00 per window. Betty - Homeowner - from 2016, Softlite are among the best vinyl windows. The CWS 8000 series is a good impact window. I like that the window comes in a number of interior colors that you can choose from and the performance data on the window is quite solid. I just contracted with New South for 12 panels (4 large sliders) of lower level sliding glass high impact doors out to the pool. Dane - Site Editor - from 2016, We got two quotes on 14 windows. Along with quality installation, you will be well served. 13 3 Simonton 6100 Picture Window (Coastal) New construction window selection - need help! The following are eight Florida ENERGY STAR window manufacturers. Return to "Ask Our Pro's a Question". It has been a very time consuming and frustrating process. 33301 Contact Number 954-256-1055 I am concerned about the adhesion and life of the paint on the vinyl. They are particularly known for their "hurricane" windows or impact windows for coastal homes. Thank you. Not at all to large for a properly engineered unit. We liked the Simonton product slightly better, but most important, we found installers with great history and recommendations. I would say the PGT is the winner for me given the product and the price. The size is 24 3/4 W &29 3/8 H. I've spent a lot of time doing research and calling the various companies to get quotes. The company that bid it out had two options, either the WinGuard from PGT or the Wind Pact Plus from Custom Window Systems. Tim - Site Editor - from 2018, Dane, I live in an association that requires replacement windows be the same color as the original single pane bronze aluminum. I really wish your website could provide some insight into who and which companies we should talk to. You enjoy uncompromised quality from the newest advances in . Wincore Estimate: $43.4K (using CWS patio sliders) PGT EnergyVue Series: $675 a window Do the same with CWS, Custom Window Systems, and see what their bid comes in at. I have looked over the companies and the models you have reviewed and recommended, but unfortunately for me all your recommendation are for those residing in the northeast. Trying to work within a tight budget. CWS 8100 series white vinyl windows with insulated impact glass, Low-e 366 coatings, argon gas, 5/8" flange frames, 5/8" flat white colonial grids between the glass. His lowest price before the rebate was at $13 thousand something and then when I told him we would have to call him back, that's when he came up with the rebate (hard sell tactics to the max). Jo - Homeowner - from 2018, Jo, the CWS Aria window is an okay vinyl window. Dane - Site Editor - from 2016, -- Estimated CWS 8200 Costs: $800 to $1,050 installed -- We were told it is rated for 150 mph winds. Any info would help. SITE MAP, "It [impact products] lowered our insurance costs by more than $3,000 annually. Our PGT Custom Windows + Doors manufacturing, glass plant, and delivery facilities are located in North Venice, FL and Ft. Myers, FL. Single hung windows used to be the red headed stepchild of windowshowever that has changed. Custom Window Systems is a vinyl and aluminum window and door manufacturer that specializes in both impact and non impact products. I get that the 5500 series is a coastal impact window. I am just going to pray that all goes well and I have a positive experience! Undoubtedly, the Soft-Lite Imperial LS is a great vinyl window, but CWS makes a very good window as well. Tim - Site Editor - from 2020, Hi, Im replacing a sliding glass door in a house in Destin Florida. You could threaten to report them to the BBB if they don't cover the labor cost of the windows you purchased 3 years ago, but I would not pin my hopes on this approach. The Lani windows are made by Custom Window Systems. A very uninspiring window, but it does get the job done. I got a final bid from AmCraft and that came in at $16,490. We did this past summer for 5 hurricane impact windows. Cherry or white cabinets in updated kitchen? Are my windows too large fir casement gear mechanisms etc? CWS has a very good reputation in the industry. PGT Awning Windows Winguard Aluminum AW740 homosexuality in ancient greece google scholar PGT 5400 series I live outside the HVHZ in the Orlando Area but Hurricane Charley in 2004 was a Cat3 that caused major damage. If this doesnt work, I would start googling local window dealers in your area and simply asking them what brands they carry and if the brands can be ordered in a bronze exterior finish. Assuming you are comfortable with the company doing the work, I think you have found a good option. If your In Central Florida Orlando & Tampa Offices. 1 - 105 71 (picture window with 2 sliding horizontal sides) Business Profile Custom Window Systems, Inc. Windows Contact Information 1900 SW 44th Ave Ocala, FL 34474-8743 Get Directions Visit Website (352) 368-6922 Customer Complaints 11 complaints. Dane - Site Editor - from 2021, Hi, We are looking to replace large sliers (8 and 9) and windows in our beach front condo in St Augustine FL. Thanks. Wondering which you chose and why? Unfortunately there was no screen left behind. I would be inclined to endorse CWS windows over EAS for the simple reason that I know CWS makes a very solid and reliable product. Windows include 1 larger FR, 6 medium sized ones say 48 x 60, 2 small Bath, 1 garage, 1 small kitchen into lane and 4 BR windows. So far we have had to replace 10 sashes/panes due to failure and now one of the replacements has failed. I am going with Simonton. Dane - Site Editor - from 2016, -- Estimated CWS 8100 Costs: $600 to $750 installed -- 2 - 50 x 60 Picture Dane - Site Editor - from 2019, Tim, I have a fairly complex set of windows and work that needs to be done for the install. $8800. I have been following your website for sometime and have read over your reviews of various companies. I knew my family and all my belongings would be safe during the hurricane.". They tend to be either laminated or painted, and both have some drawbacks. As noted in our energy efficiency section, your local climate will be a factor. 1 - 25 x 62 Across street from ocean. You enjoy uncompromised quality from the newest advances in technology and engineering. They have a very cool latch and auto lock feature that is quite nice. I'm assuming you are in Florida based on Storm Tight's location. I did notice you dont recommend the CWS entry-level Aria series, but do like both the CWS 8100 series and the PGT 5400. PGT created the PremierVue 2700 series, Anderson brought the A-Series with Stormwatch, and EAS introduced the . You guys are making me nervous! We proudly innovate and introduce products that meet, or exceed, the most stringent coastal requirements. The Company expects its net leverage ratio at closing to be approximately 2 . Thank you. Custom Windows Systems has manufactured windows and doors since 1986. Get the two bids and see how they compare; sometimes you will get wildly different bids from local companies depending on how busy or not busy their work schedule. All the windows use impact glass with a Low-E 366 tempered glass package. Atrium Windows and Doors. I don't know much about the Wincore Storm Force, but they look good from everything I've seen online. Is this true? Give me your ideas, thank you. $11,500.00 Simonton 9800 We spoke to someone at Storm Tight and though we were going to go with them, but we are now having second thoughts. He was not obnoxious or pushy. Not all will have dealers in your zip code, but a google search for "Sunrise windows in [your city, state]" (as an example) should bring up local companies who carry the brand. The Simonton has the best warranty but Im more concerned about the quality of the product and appearance and not the warranty (since all three have a good warranty). Meredith - Homeowner - from 2018, Meredith, I agree that the CWS bid is too highalthough honestly I don't know much about your project. Patio Door Reviews | StormStrong Series Thank you. The company we bought the window/sliders from does not like going thru all the trouble to replace and then reinstall.they can charge me whatever price they want for labor. I'm assuming one will. Advise: Be the squaky wheelbut a nice squeaky wheel. "Are my windows too large fir casement gear mechanisms etc?". If you have any questions or if youd like me to recommend my local window distributor, dont hesitate to reach out to us. The small business I like very much has a 4 month delay on PGT so quoted me on Cws. Concern is that youngsters and people older than ourselves would have tremendous difficulty using these doors. Fixed windows offer more glass area than fixed casement windows. PGT has resources and ideas to get you started. I know NOTHING about CWS, so I am skeptical! Total price quote is $48K. So I'd do the CWS if I were you and save yourself some money. I have spent a lot of time calling around and havent been able to get quotes for Soft-Lite. (assumes medium sized window and normal installation), Good morning - Thank you. They have not yet tried installing different wheels but have mentioned that. Linda - Homeowner - from 2020, Linda, the pricing sounds good; about what I'd expect to hear for a project of this size. That doesn't mean that you can't try and shave off some of the cost of the PGT bid though. Would appreciate your steering me in the right direction. I am not sure if I should trust this claim. Damien - Homeowner - from 2016, Damien, 11 quotes, wow, I am impressed you had the fortitude to sit through all of that. Uneeda Home Improvement - Thank you. Eastern Architectural Systems 2. I wish I had some sort of remedy, but I really don't. Also, Window World gives a limited lifetime warranty. When I had companies out to quote, I asked about aluminum frames and was told you could only do aluminum in new construction. One big issue with patio doors is whether the door has to be custom made for the order. PGT Custom Windows + Doors main competitors are Agc Glass Company North America, Carpenter Technology, and Air System Components. Bob - Homeowner - from 2020, Bob, I have never really heard of ESW, so I can't comment on them. Dane - Site Editor, -- Estimated CWS 8100 Costs: $800 to $1,050 installed -- I would go back and tell them if they can do it for $10,250, you will sign today and see what they say. Thanks millworkman. Thanks for your time and efforts. Have narrowed my search down to PGT Winguard Aluminum windows and now trying to decide between single hung and casement windows.Majority of windows are 36x72. PS: thank you all for sharing your stories, I'll be replacing 28yr old windows this year and my research brought me here. Sun-Tek Manufacturing Beyond ENERGY STAR Window Manufacturers Are single hung windows (which FHIA said are the only kind they deal with) much better than double hung? I've personally installed hundreds of them (thousands? I would get a few more bids to see how they compare. Custom Window Systems. Send our site editor Dane your questions, and get personalized answers that can save you thousands of dollars on your project! It sounds like the opening is probably not standard so this is probably the reason (one of them certainly) for the high cost. I actually like these single hung windows and think they offer some decent performance for the price. Established in 1980 and headquartered in Nokomis, Florida, PGT Custom Windows + Doors is a manufacturer and distributor of building materials. Single and Double-Hung impact windows are some of the most popular choices on the market. The 8200 windows are 5' and 6' wide. The company enjoys a good reputation and makes a solid window at relatively affordable prices. Custom Window Systems (CWS) is an established hurricane impact window and door company located in Ocala, Florida. Would love any recommendations. I would ask the people there which window has a better track record and go with their recommendation. This company also claims PGT windows have various issues. PGT is the nation's leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. So if someone has Simonton windows installed, what will be the percentage of the replacement cost covered by the warranty in 10 years? I would say the two windows you have bids for are very close in quality. The Window Experts Address:101 NE 3 Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL. I don't like this feature, but CWS does tend to make a quality window, despite the design flaw. If HD could prove to me that their install crew would do a great job with my project, I would seriously consider that option. I do kind of like the idea of getting windows from a factory in the state in which you live, but I'm not sure there is anything really rational in the thought, I think it just gives me a piece of mind for some reason. CWS is a MUCH smaller operation -- Simonton is the largest manufacturer in the business. (assumes medium window and normal installation) *, Hi! WinGuard Vinyl, CA 5540, PW 5520, and SGD 5570, EnergyVue, CA 5440, PW 5420, and SGD 5470, 2023 PGT Innovations, All Rights Reserved. Dane - Site Editor - from 2022, Hi Dane I'm looking at CWS.CC Windgaurd plus 8000 series. Thank you in advance for your help! Take care of the installers and treat them good it all works, out in the wash. My crew was Anthony and Justin a small crew, with may years of experience whom explained every step and took pride. The other company you should look at is PGT, which is my go to window. We live in Tampa and came down to PGF and Simonton. Is the price reasonable? Air infiltration rate, U-value, design pressure would be the three data points I would look at Brands that were previously the "standard" are just like everyone else (used to be) and turning out stuff with QA/QC issues. ", I know that no intruders will be able to enter my home. CWS Windpact Series The CWS Windpact Plus is a strong impact window and one that I would thoroughly consider for my own home (if I needed an impact window and door). Hi - Looking to build a new home down in Florida on the waterfront. Replacement Windows Information and Forum for all brands of windows. That is my issue. local companies. Not certain on that cpartist. Post I'd get a couple more bids to compare it to -- an impact window from PGT, Sunrise, Soft-Lite and Simonton if you can. PGT Innovations competitors include Ply Gem, Andersen Windows Corporation, Pella Corporation, JELD WEN and Custom Window Systems. Houzz Pro: One simple solution for contractors and design pros, Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Outdoor Lighting & Audio/Visual Specialists. Eco windows have a large bottom sash if I remember right. The same bid from PGT was $21,345. Nat - Homeowner - from 2017, Nat, I don't know anything more about EAS windows than what I knew in 2016. Likewise the Simonton Storm Breaker Plus is a solid impact window/door as well. I would say you need two or three more bids to round out the estimates. "How about ECO window systems in Florida; how do they compare with PGT". I'm working on a budget. The price difference is approximately $593. In the PGT WindGuard Aluminum line the black or bronze is only available on both the exterior and interior. Storm Tight quoted us at $8825 for 3 slider windows, 1 small bathroom window and 1 double hung window. I read a lot about PGT and CWS brands on your website. Dane - Site Editor - from 2018, -- Estimated CWS StormStrong Costs: $9,00 to $1,200 installed -- PGT doors add convenience and style to any room. I got a quote from CWS today on 18 windows for $22,640. Which option do you think is better? PGT Windows have a great reputation in the window installation/manufacturer business. Tim - Site Editor - from 2020, I live in the Tampa Bay area and I'm having my vinyl windows replaced. One is using the ESW Elite and the other CWS Windpact Plus (assuming this is also the glass they use in aluminum windows and doors, they have not clarified). Dane - Site Editor - from 2021, -- Estimated CWS Patio Door Price: $1,600 to $2,750 installed -- Leaning towards using them to install PGT doors and windows, has anyone use home depot for windows installation. How to negotiate a window bid. Well made and constructed. Tim - Site Editor - from 2016, I have been researching hurricane impact windows and have become thoroughly confused. Tim - Site Editor - from 2018, -- Estimated CWS 600 Costs: $650 to $800 installed -- CWS Windows prices are in the mid range of other vinyl and aluminum windows. The other is CWS single hung windows for just over $12,000. #1 New custom windows and doors are a great investment with many benefits. CWS Aria 610 Series Windows and 8800 Series Doors: $24k Shar - Homeowner - from 2020, Shar, do I search for "CWS windows in your city and state" and see if any local dealers come up. Since this room is going to be 90 percent window, I really want to make sure we have at least a mid-grade window. Dan K. - Site Editor The purchase price of $108 million is comprised of $100 million cash and $8 million of PGT Innovations common stock for a 75% ownership stake in Eco. Years ago we used Gorell Windows. The company who is doing the project has tried several "possible solutions", none of which has worked. The price quote from Home Depot seems high, $1175 per window, I think you can do better than that, although I don't have any project specifics to back that up. Dane - Site Editor - from 2020, I have CWS windows. Price for the package was $33,000. (1) 52 x 38 single hung Simonton is another company that offers good products at an affordable price. Or Paradise Exteriors? Please note, our website is not affiliated with this window manufacturer. their work is being monitored ,and the owner really cares. And New South, whose product pitch was impressive. We offer French doors, sliding-glass doors, and cabana doors throughout our collections with impact resistant, energy-efficient, non-impact, and other performance options to meet the needs of your home and family. Six 52x 37.5 The PGT WindGuard Vinyl is available two toned. We are now tryomg to cancel our contract with FHIA and get our deposit back. I feel like they were trying to rip me off. Elizabeth Keough - Which company did you go with to install your windows? Of those of you who have installed PGT Aluminum Winguard windows, what color did you choose and are you happy with them. I am planning on going with non-impact windows, and after getting 11 quotes (don't believe anybody who tells you to get only 2 or 3: this does NOT apply to Florida. $6400 for 3 panels 143 x 80. Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite and Wallside. I received a quote for impact resistant windows from a company in southwest florida that installs both Custom Window Systems Wind-Pact Plus (CWS) as well as PGT windows. Single and double-hung windows are also some of the . Windows are : Headquartered in Ocala, Florida, the company has been in business since 1986 and serves most of Florida through dealer networks -- i.e. The CWS windows quoted are for 8100 Windpact Plus vinyl single hung windows. Michael - Homeowner - from 2018, Michael, I would be wary about painting vinyl, it can void the warranty in some cases. Back of Home Remodel: Patio and Window Design, Adding small windows to sides of fireplace. Tim - Site Editor - from 2018, Hi Dane,I'm new to the Venice, FL area after moving from NJ. I'd see how these compare and then go from there Well also ask the company (GJC Port Charlotte) that gave us the PGT 14K quote if CW or Simonton is an option that will save us money. Well also ask the company (GJC Port Charlotte) that gave us the PGT 14K quote if CW or Simonton is an option that will save us money. We purchased multiple PGT aluminum windguard windows and slider doors for a condo by a reputable window and door company. 1. Or is softlite more of a cold climate window? In general, PGT is a bit more well known than Custom Window Systems, but both CWS and PGT are my top picks for impact windows on the south east coast. They proudly innovate and introduce products that meet or exceed, the most stringent coastal requirements. 8 all those windows are high performance glass package with Solar Zone elite. I think it offers better long term value over the first bid. We are in Tampa and looking at replacing our windows with impact hurricane windows. It sounds like a realtively complex project, so my advise is to go slow and collect as much information and bids as possible. Dane - Site Editor - from 2018, -- Estimated CWS Patio Door Costs: $1,600 to $2,750 installed -- Paradise quoted us out on Soft-Lites at $9100 for 1 slider, 5 double hungs windows, and 1 bathroom window. Tim - Site Editor, Hi Dane, this company offer lifetime guarantee however it is a way of making money. I rest at ease knowing that I will be safe., My home is almost completely silent after installing the impact windows and doors., "My sliding glass door is like the door to a bank vault. What's your vote? Then with some slight trickery of the pen the quote was changed to $19,936, which is still too much for my budget. Curious about your final installation experience Nicole and Janice? If the AmCraft bid is only $3.5K above CWS though, the CWS bid might not be out of line. Dane - Site Editor - from 2021, I have similar cost estimates from two companies. Thank you so very much! We are being ignored unfortunately. Window Pricing: PGT Windows prices vary according to style of window and the size of window selected. I'm in FL. Simonton: StormBreaker Plus. Quote was for 15 slider windows with prairie grid. Tim - Site Editor - from 2016, House windows (assumes medium sized window and normal installation), I just got a bid on the CWS 8100 single hung window. Would these windows be considered entry-level windows/ Off hand, I dont know which companies in Florida offer an exterior bronze vinyl window. Anyone have any experience using Pella's Impact Windows or Viwinco Impact Windows? How does the CWS compare, and is the softlite worth the extra 20% all other things being equal? Do you recommend one over the other. The 4 to 6 months from CWS is also a real problem.

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